Poem 3042 by P T Davidson
Children's crusade against Communism: War-Maker
Flash Mob by Stephenson Muret
Freedom by David Roberts
Commercial Interlude: Skull Scrapes by David Starkey
Relinquish by Allen Ashley
Call it Anything but Wasted Time by Jess Mize
Red Factory by John Huey
Karol's Last Day by Jeffrey Metzger
Commercial Interlude: Carnival by David Starkey
Agitprop Apocalyptic/The Psycho-Inaugural by Robert Gross
The Clockhouse Committee's Quick Guide to Agit-Prop
The Eternal Jew
Theater Zero by Gregg Williard
Commercial Interlude: Ignorance by David Starkey
The Battle of the Proverbs by I B Rad
Loire by Jess Mize
Dictatorship of the Minor Gods by Subashini Navaratnam
Commercial Interlude: Disfigurement of Pleasure by David Starkey
This Office Has Bars by Mark Antony Rossi
True Loss (root) by Gregg Dotoli
Brexit for the Perplexit by Rachel Kendall
Cadgitprop: The Future of Journalism by Esther Greenleaf Murer
Twenty-Ten by Paul M Mann
Commercial Interlude: Mosaic by David Starkey
Hw2lkbttrnflgr8 by David Roberts
Prettiest Skins by B Drew Collier
April in Brazzaville: A Night Full of Noise by Jess Mize
Civilization, Falling by Ken Poyner
Commercial Interlude: Self-Anointed Prophets by David Starkey
The Juggernaut by Ken Poyner
Two Men in Conversation Early Map Mediation by Tom Holmes
Official Discourse by Nelly Sanchez
From the Book of Godzilla by Hugh Behm-Steinberg
Ballad of the Flow of Commerce by Martin Heavisides
Commercial Interlude: Pseudoprinciples by David Starkey
Tales of Telyhurst Castle: Reverend Arturo's Flock by Paul Edward Costa
Pochta SSSR by Dmitry Borshch
The Peopled Republic of Aldi by Phil Doran
Manifesto of Papa Anacin 1992 by Robert Beveridge
Commercial Interlude: Torso by David Starkey
A Day in the Life of photo not available by Joseph Pravda
Rachel Kendall interviews Bill Ectric
Surveillance for Any Era by Rich Murphy
Chips in Bed by David Roberts
To the Point by Nigel Ford

The Agitators
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