David Roberts
When it comes to the point that policemen look like children look like they belong in a doll's house. When the aches have merged can no longer be separated. When the reason for slamming the door is long since forgotten. When you cannot be sure if it is the back or the kidneys that remain aching.

What is it that you're even afraid of? What is it that has brought you to this mirror cracked and bleeding? Can't you just say (insert phrase) and make it go away?

Step one is to think of a safe word for every situation within life.

You will be pleased to learn that science has established an intelligible link between childhood events and adult biochemical reactions. Your system can only cope with a limited number of events at any one time and there is a hierarchy of needs. It is not possible to react to two events at a given moment; if someone makes you laugh in the midst of an argument then you cannot remain angry. It is not possible to be angry whilst looking at a penguin. If ever you do get angry just think (imagine/visualise) yourself a penguin; rockhopper or emperor, the choice is yours!

Step two is to think of a safe word for every situation within life.

It is important to understand that the first jolt into morning sees you within what is known as the hypnopompic state. Dream and life lapping together. Get this right and you'll get the day right. Say yes right now and you'll be off to a flyer. Practice each day by saying yes.

It is important to talk with the right people, the not-drag-you-back people. It is they that support learning and growth. If you talk with the jibe-talk-drag-you-back people, the people who close the openings of the possible, then they are the wrong people to talk to. Politely say thank you for this contribution but I am going now to find another contribution, a growing contribution, a contribution which encourages my growth.

Step three is to think of a safe word for every situation within life.

To affirm is to deny and to deny is to affirm. Life a kaleidoscope of doors opening and shutting. It is important that you focus on your breathwork. Laughter burns calories and you should be doing it at least once a day. Try for once to forget the deep sea swell and the profit and loss. The only suggestions to be listened to are those that bring you closer to your goal.

It is guaranteed that you will not quite succeed in everything you attempt in this life. Not to worry! The more you do in life the more chance there is to not succeed at something. Look at how all that adventuring makes your life colossal. Throw enough shite at the wall and some of it will stick. Win or lose, you just keep winning!

Step four is to think of a safe word for every situation within life.

Pencil success/achievement into your daily habits. Include something achievable in every plan you make. From the positive breed the positive. It might be for you that this shall depend on what you view success to be, in the adjustment of your success threshold. The fresh calibration of its aperture. If success is in the doing then why not keep on with the doing? If success is to achieve then why not succeed in your achievements?

Step five is to think of a safe word for every situation within life.

The feeling that whatever happens is to cope. A glow within the coals. If we are there then we have got somewhere. Let us hope that you have enjoyed this process. It doesn't end now or in a week or in six months' time. Your growth and development is now an ongoing event, a programme sustaining itself. By focusing on your selfwork you have enabled a habit that belongs within each outbreath. Your new habit is one of feeling good about yourself. As you present yourself confidently so others will react differently to your confidence. Here's to being a fresh pair of gloves! You've made it! Congratulations! It's time to grasp life with both hands and be that person that wonderful person that wonderful things happen to. After all this sweating you can feel confident that each look towards happiness will bring you a step closer to glancing it.

Step six is to think of a safe word for every situation within life.
Step seven is to think of a safe word for every situation within life.
Step eight is to think of a safe word.
Step nine is to think.
Step ten is no longer to have to think.