[VICKI LESTER, FIRST LADY and CEO, walks up to the microphone under a simulacrum sky. Camouflage chiffon, platinum capsules of Xanax dangling from her earlobes. The Twin Towers tattooed on her back. Nobody knows what she will say. She looks out across the multitude. ]

[Then her voice throbs pathetic-heroic from all her chakras]
        This is Missus . . .Norman. . .
                                                                 . . .Bates 
[It's viral. They all stand and cheer. ]

[Then fall silent as she begins, her breath steaming up the mic]
        oh my man I love him so he'll never know.
[Her voice is smooth and grainless as formica.]
[The CABINET MINISTERS and the SUPREME COURT JUSTICES on the platform all join in]
        all these lives are just despair but we don't care
[They hold hands. Sway back and forth.  Soon they are convulsed in high definition.]

[The PRESIDENT watches on the HD screen in the Oval Office. He is dressed as MOTHER in a housedress with Ritalin buttons. MOTHER calls his daughter-in-law VICKI]
         trollop, vixen, a stooge of passion. No better than she should be.

[Under the eyes of his taxidermied predecessors, his head jerks back, saliva rains on stacks of executive orders]
         Doxy!  Supermodel!
[MOTHER screams]
        Terrorist! Incendiary! Socialist!

[In its shower the STATUE OF LIBERTY exfoliates the patina of history with its welding torch. Hums along like a kazoo]
        What's the difference if we play and throw away
[MOTHER sharpens his butcher knife on the soles of his steel-plated platform shoes.]

[Back in the stadium both sides of the aisles sing and sob shamelessly. This is governing by consensus. Not a dry eye across America as DRONES and RAPTORS hang low from sea to shining sea.]
Oh Auntie Em, there's no place like home! [the VICE-PRESIDENT wails, throwing                 his career path like a red carpet under a passing tank.]

[The Dow Jones hits 50,000. Keeps going up.  VICKY LESTER gets a nosebleed, keeps singing]
        When we know we'll flip back on our greed some day

[RAPTORS flock and thicken the surveillance sky above.  They divebomb the DRONES and the DRONES fire back.]
I'll never go hungry again! [sobs the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE] Hold the fries.

[CONGRESSIONAL PAGES hand out autographed photos: Andrew Carnegie, Ming the Merciless, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Big Foot, Tippi Hedren, Colonel Sanders. . .]

[The PRESIDENT  jerks back and forth convulsively, bites his tongue, under the glassy eyes of Buchanan, Wilson, Hoover. All you can see are the whites of his eyes. MOTHER screams]
        The greatest country in the Motherfucking galaxy!

[The clouds suddenly break apart; it's one huge shower stall. RAVENS, HAWKS and VULTURES  swoop down the pages shriek like violins.  VICKI gets carried off by FLYING MONKEYS. MOTHER hacks away. Blood spatters across state lines, floods the internet, washes down the drain.]

[The drones capture a closeup of the bronzed eye of the nation staring up from the tiles.]
'Cause whatever my man is he's show biz forever more

[DISNEY edits the final cut from his cryogenic grave and posts it. It all gets seen. ]

[Except MOTHER, who's encrypted.]

Robert Gross