Allen Ashley
The Committee is pleased to confirm your membership of its revolutionary cadre.  Please take note of our aims and goals, all of which you will be expected to adhere to.

It is our belief that there should be no discrimination made on grounds of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender perspective, nationality, religious beliefs, social background, ability, training, talent, age or chromosomes. Or lack of any of the preceding qualities.

Of late, the role of The Committee itself has been called into question, its very existence up for grabs. In a truly free society you won't need telling or advising. We will consider this conundrum and may decide to wind up our existence at a near future date. You will be on your own from that point. In the meantime, we remain the one true light cutting through the gloom and the one clear voice speaking amidst the chaos. Pay heed to our words honestly given. 

We contend that all possessions are an illusion created by this patriarchal repressive society to deflect your attention from their controlling machinations. Therefore, you will surrender all such items into the safe-keeping of The Committee, for later disposal or dispersion.

The question used to be asked: Are you with us or against us? And the conclusion used to be: De facto, if you are not with us you are against us; if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Now the truer question is: How far along these guidelines have you progressed? Moot questions these may be but: How far are you prepared to go? When will you reach the ecstatic, liberating conclusion? The final answer awaits you if you stick perfectly close to our plan.

All achievements are merely figments of legerdemain. Everything you have done in your prior life is, therefore, meaningless. You will no longer refer to yourself by any title or award. You are as important as a soldier ant; no more, no less. The fight will not be won by top grades achieved in their sly tests and examinations. You are worth zilch. You start from ground zero, along with everyone else. You have achieved nothing before your new life begins with us.

To clarify: within the coming regime, all qualifications, exams and so forth will be rendered invalid. Your doctorates, degrees and "A Star" passes are worthless as all they indicate is a facility for and knowledge of the guidebook of oppression.

It has long been known that History seeks to reaffirm the rightness of the victors; and thus has the ethical validity of that so-called branch of learning rightly been successfully challenged. Now, though, it is time to challenge and reject the whole gamut of scholarly subjects. Language is an evil tool. Each word chosen constricts whilst it confirms. Their Literature reaffirms their codes and values… Their Geography attests to their ownership of place; they have chosen all the allowable nomenclature and they have highlighted all the features that please them. Their Mathematics is the arithmetic of conditioning and imprisonment. We shall end it all.

It is our stated tenet that there are no such things as criminals. All perceived antisocial and/or violent actions committed throughout history are simply expressions of human malaise, an inadvertent and unavoidable rebellion against the system. We will unlock and empty all the prisons.

Likewise, all disease - mental, psychological or physiological - is only an indication of a reaction to and against the prevailing order. We shall unhook all hospital patients from their intravenous drips, whether visible or otherwise, and enable them to rise from their beds and return whole to our changed, perfect society. You have been drugged, hoodwinked, misdiagnosed for too long. There is nothing wrong with any of you. And if there is and you fall by the wayside, so be it. The new society has no place for those who do not believe, who do not fully share in our goals. 

We will close the hospitals for the only sickness is your society. Debar all the doctors, medics, psychiatrists, beauty consultants and plastic surgeons. Quacks and charlatans, all of them. They have too long peddled you their accursed lies of normality, attractiveness, wellbeing and desirability.

Steal what you will from the masters; enjoyment of any such swag is by necessity bound to be short-lived. All the products of a terminal society are worthless. Soon there will be no money. The banks will become vegetable gardens or wildflower encampments. Commerce and trade are fictions. Corporations have stifled all that is corporeal. Capital is a death sentence.

In the early groundswell you may well wish to revive the old mantra from many a prior uprising: "Loot the stores; they have taken what is yours." But do not trust their drugged, chemical food. Even that which is labelled: "naturally cultivated" or "organic". To cultivate is against nature. This is a conundrum that may not be solved overnight; prepare for some hungry times.

Looking ahead: there will be no time. The clock imprisons each and every one of you and the calendar is simply its larger manifestation. To escape these temporal bonds, we shall refuse to measure.

No brain-numbing employment, no back-breaking jobs in the current sense of the term. Yes, there will be work to do during the revolution and subsequent to its apotheosis in ensuring the changed world is maintained. Stay tuned for further advice on this.

No songs, no radio, no TV, no films, no theatre, no books, no art, no internet, no social media, no streaming, no rinsing, no casting, no cartoons, no animation, no graffiti. No highbrow, middlebrow or lowbrow. If we have to explain to you our reasons then you are still locked in collusion with the great white overlords.

Sporting allegiances are to be consigned to the dustbin of history, along with all other exemplars of what was once classed as the "opium of the people".

No houses, no housework, no DIY, no spadework, no digging for victory, no pride in your allotment or British back garden. No pride - it's a poison.
Keep calm but don't carry on. Not the way you have been doing.

You will have already realised that you must change the clothing you so blithely wear. Each branding is a visual and tactile reaffirmation of the current oppression. If you cannot find pristine materials then at the very least you should remove the offending logos and insignias from all wearable items. Don't kick up a fuss about it; just do it.

The Committee advises that you must soon relinquish all social and familial bonds. We are taking down the pillars of patriarchal and matriarchal conceits. There will be no more looking up to anybody. Likewise, there will be no fraternity, no brotherhood or sisterhood or thoughts of "our generation" after the revolution. Give up all of your outdated and repellent notions of patriotism, tribalism, national stereotypes and identity, jingoism, NIMBY-ism, one nation under a groove and partisan feelings… and relinquish even solidarity, hands across the water and internationalism. Analyse the language to which you have become accustomed. Family ties? Bonds of friendship? Our new culture will not be bound by rope and yoke involving metaphors. Prepare your mind for our new social arrangements, in keeping with the hard-won freedoms we shall surely eventually attain.

What point have you reached along this journey, my friend, my comrade? That is the most important question that you must continue to ask yourself.

And yet: as it has been put to us that the very existence of The Committee is a totalitarian shadow hanging over and holding back the progress of Humankind, we will offer no more advice or answers. The revolution has come and you are left entirely to your own devices. As it once was and should always be.

Good luck. Relish the fruits of your revolting.