Rich Murphy

The gatekeeper between tomorrow
and yesterday contributes to the violence
in the current and lends to frame
for understanding events.

While the gut response to lightning
and elements wishes to remain innocent,
gauze weaponizes into tools.
The school master with a bull whip
upon the horizon experiments
with pedagogy to tame the whole landscape.

Anybody in the hospital without a scalpel
or mop declines on a gurney.
Background brutality polices
for the global accident under the sun
and with the deliberative devil in details.

Without attention to the props and scenes
symptoms hush for a moment
while the disease oppresses and the objective
bull eye targets and neutralizes.

At the border crossing, where a total
system follows a hodge-podge entourage
and passes over through now, the guard plants
while frisking and stepping aside.
Image taken from royal_farr's/Russophobia page