My Grim Reaper - David Michael Wolach
The Way of the Exploding Fist - Sophie Bachard

The Bumbershoot - Grant Perry

31 & 32 - Spyros Heniadis

Near Occasions of Sin by Louis McKee
- reviewed by Charles Ries

The Way She Walks - Steven Digman
Hopping on one foot in the kitchen - Keith Nunes
Yvette - Talulah Belle Lautrec-Nunes

Urban Planning: Case Study - Tim Horvath

Automatons - Dan Smith
Re-birthing - Marc Lowe & Jeff Lowe

Conceiving - Ada Mantine

materialism - peter schwartz
Den Grimme Ælling - Brian Collier

Rise, Fall and Acceptance by Patrick Carrington
- reviewed by Charles Ries

The Double Dealer - John Brewer

Future Wife - Rachel Kendall

euraka's pinch - peter schwartz
The Story of Her 'O' - Steven Digman
Pink Bird - Juliet Cook
Nobody Likes You Here - Kendra Binney
Pink Bird - Kendra Binney

Quiet Light and a Stable Place for a Cup - Brian Collier

waking apology - peter schwartz

Studio 7 - Talulah Belle Lautrec-Nunes

Melville's Pierre and its Ambiguities - Louise Norlie

Breach - Kyle Ferguson

The Wisdom of Mister Supervisor - Andrew Sorge

false gods - rachel kendall

Eye of the Beholder - Peter Tennant

Filmic Realization - David Michael Wolach
Artifice - Daniel Y Harris
Your Subjectivity - David Mclean
Hallelujah in Paradise - Janie Hofman

La de Blah Blah - Jeff Crouch

Freaky Mumbler's Manifesto by Christopher Robin
- reviewed by Charles Ries

Pornography and Martial Arts Movies - Ralph Robert Moore

the sound of color calls my name taweetly woo - Tantra Bensko

The Author is Dead - Marc Lowe

'Caution, I cautioned' - anonymous

Sans le Rêveur - Aaron M Hellem