Hopping on one foot in the kitchen - Keith Nunes

Hopping on one foot in the kitchen while mum makes lunch
Years later still hopping this time mad, mad, mad
The party's over, they've all gone taking Justine with them
"We had a great night," she said, "See you soonest."
I'm losing control, she's leaving with a guy
I torture myself, hopping on one foot in the kitchen
Razor to the vein, razor to the vein
"What's going on brother?" I say to me
Blood on cream lino creates seafood patterns
Mum says stop it! Now!
"Yes mum," I say to an empty room resounding
A harlequin, now I'm sitting on the floor
Drum roll
"I am real," to the oven
Hallucinating (at school bullying the bully)
I drop blood through the house looking for
The perfect room
The bathroom mirror tells me a telling story
Stars would fall hearing this


Bio: Keith Nunes lives in Tauranga, New Zealand. After 20 years of newspaper journalism he stepped aside 18 months ago and took up house painting. This gave him time to concentrate on poetry and he has since been published on several online journals (Flutter Poetry Journal, ScribeSpirit, Snorkel, Blackmail Press) and in Valley Micropress in New Zealand.
The Way She Walks - Steven Digman

Spindles cotton candy as she walks; grinds hips into pink fluff.. and sprinkles into trail lust...
(Somewhere in the distance),

with every step she fucks

Yvette - Talulah Belle Lautrec-Nunes