Studio 7 -
Talulah Belle Lautrec-Nunes
Bio: Talulah Belle Lautrec-Nunes is a full-time expressionist artist working from her home studio at the foot of Otanewainuku Mountain, Oropi, Tauranga, New Zealand.

This wonderful creative environment is the inspiration for many of her art works.

"Recently I have been dabbling in still-life, which challenges me to put the life back into still-life. This is often achieved by tipping and turning objects such as the table and other inanimate objects, creating drama and tension.

"Falling fruit and spilling water creates the illusion of movement and invites the viewer into the picture in their role of trying to bring harmony back into what is a fragmented and disjointed painting."

Talulah's paintings can be seen in many galleries in the Bay of Plenty and further afield.

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