The Story of Her 'O' - Steven Digman

And this is the first cause of the universe: That God created woman so that
God... could be discovered.

        Helen listened intently to his service, his words eating into her soulfully, his tongue rolling in long syllables of spiritual song. Her hips moved closer to his succulent lips - his chorus of praise - as her eyes closed dutifully in dominant worship; she felt his head bow to pray.

        She listened as his tongue trembled up into slow beautiful words. Rising like a great voice; crying in, between the biblical pages of her legs, and surrendering to her creation - the passion of his faith.

        Helen finished the first orgasm Under the Standing of Women, and left the book lewdly opened and exposed on the bed. - God she loved seeing him like that! His knees bent meekly forward, his corners turned down and over, submissively, marking his place for further reading.

        She loved poetry; the way he felt. Poem meat in and out, poem tongue in and out; she loved him all: The poet man, the poetess boy, the strong woman but still, the sublime little girl. The naughty good, bad, and candy; the poem sweet in her mouth, and especially the literary-whore.

        She thought opened-mindedly, pausing, as her fingers scratched to a new page. She wanted to read a new orgasm, to hear him reach out loud again - Poetry and Poetry and yes, "Please do that again!"
euraka's pinch -
peter schwartz

whether it is found
in mad, mad antiques
or just standing


as a myth
in a tree

whether in the
hypnotic heartstrings
that play

the possibilites

demonstrate like

whether by
topography and touch
or open philter

or the togetherness
of silverfish
it must

be found.
its fiefdom must
reach the sky,
flying as

the block-
house must
Bio: Steven Digman has been a songwriter since the early 1980s and in 1997 became a successful music publisher. Digman's songs have been recorded and covered by the Late Eva Cassidy (Blix Street Records); 6 x Platinum Artist Katie Melua (Dramatico Records); The Canadian Artist Maelynn (Balance Records), Janine Davy (Funkstown Records) and in the soundtrack (film) "The Man From Elysian Fields" starring Mick Jagger and Andy Garcia. Digman is also a poet and music journalist writing music reviews and poetry for various print and online publications and has interviewed artists such as Emmy Award Winner composer and songwriter Michal Towber; Irish Singing Sensation Mary Black - winner of The Irish Post Lifetime Achievement Award 2006; Grace Griffith, winner of Best Female Vocalist - Wammie Awards (Washington Area Music Association) consecutively from 1992 -1996, and Gar Ragland - Director of The Mountain Stage New Song Festival. He is a luthier and owner of a violin shop in Funkstown Maryland.