Jeff Lowe's Updated Bio: I was born in 1977 and didn't see my world visually for what it could be for 30 years. My paintings and drawings up until this point are as primitive as beast sex to me, and it is hard to look at what I created as art but more as the evolution of what I will create next, making this "updated" bio hard to write and the ongoing process of growth clear. I feel the most raw form of art is to lose all structure and boundaries and to create something pure, on canvas and in life.

Bio: Marc Lowe is an at-times reclusive nomad who has recently returned to the U.S. after two years of living and teaching in Japan. His fictions, hybrids, and essays can be read in various online journals, including:  The Angler, elimae, Internet Fiction, Mindfire Renewed (featured experimental writer, winter '06), Opium Magazine, Pindeldyboz, Pinstripe Fedora (forthcoming), and Thieves Jargon.  Work is also slated to appear in two innovative fiction print anthologies, as well as in Monkey Bicycle Issue #5 (all-humor issue).  Marc is a fiction/whatnot editor for the online multimedia magazine Mad Hatters' Review.  Visit his website at for more information.
Bio: Kyle Ferguson is an advanced doctoral student in clinical psychology. He has published nearly 50 works of nonfiction, five of which are books. The book he co-wrote, The Psychology of B.F. Skinner, was named one of the outstanding books of 2002-2003 by Choice. The Japanese translation appeared last December. Among others, his poems appear or are to appear in the magazines, Philosophy Now, St. Anthony Messenger, Merge, and The Ugly Tree. A short story of his appears in Sein und Werden.
See Kyle Ferguson's visual poem 'Catalyst' in Artifice / print