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DECEMBER // The Ironic Fantastic
guest editied by Rhys Hughes

table of contents

The Phrygian Cap : Jason E. Rolfe
Hunted : Sissy Pantelis
Viennese Whirl : Hannah F. Lawson
Siamese Stanzas : Changming Yuan
A Tribute Story to Daniil Kharms : Henri Jouvial
Gogol for a Pint of Milk : Chris Kelso
A Duet in Reyes : Caleb Wilson
The Watchman : Gaurav Monga
The Last Dictatorship : D. F. Lewis        
Preacher Kim : Kristine Ong Muslim
Madame Mannequin : Douglas Thompson
Letters from My Windmill : Theo Travis Geller
Waitering for Godot : Bob Lock
The Jerusalem Vane : W. C. Bamberger
I Heard it From a Friend Who : Nikhil Mane

Crab Apples ~  Lou Antonelli
Black Stuff ~ Jonette Stabbert
Vacation Violation ~ Ellaraine Lockie
The Iron Age ~ Renuka Mahadevan
Egg Poems: A Concise History of China in English ~ Changming Yuan
Under the Clockwork Sun ~ Mark Lewis
Me Time ~ Steve Dodd
The Nose ~ Bill West
Three Tributes to Daniil Kharms ~ Jason E. Rolfe
Dialogue Between a Prawn and a Salesman ~ Edwin Birch
Ice Cold, Red Hot ~ Aliya Whiteley
Nightmare Spread ~ Sissy Pantelis
The Nine of Swords ~ Deviant Moon Tarot Deck
Bone Light ~ Dan Tannenbaum
Space Opera ~ David Rix
The Doppelganger's Nemesis ~ Terry Grimwood
The Women Who Point at Men's Hearts ~ Steven Pirie
The Education of K. in the Land of Falling Fish ~ Trent Walters
Player of Words ~ Adele Whittle

OCTOBER // Pulp Punks
guest edited by Mark Howard Jones

table of contents

Wonder at the Change : Cathy Bryant
Rainy Night in the City : Terry Grimwood
The Horn Rim : D E Oprava
A Long Way From Chicago : Adam Kuplowsky
Nightmare Girlfriend : Allen Ashley
Late Afternoon, Bristol Hotel : Matt Merritt
Dreaming California : Douglas Thompson
The Greatest Rocketmand : Brian M Milton
Philip Marlowe Please Come Home : Adam Kuplowsky
Figments of the Imagination : Bob Lock

// The Unnatural World
guest edited by Allen Ashley

table of contents

Thermoplastic Manifesto : B Drew Collier
Any Creature She Chose : J J Steinfeld
Molly's Sketch : Zachary Scott Hamilton
Gavin and the Green Knights : A J Kirby
Time to Kill : Richard Charlez
Of House and Home : Richard Charlez        
Arbitration, At Goo : Richard Gessner        
Stalling an Ambush : Emma Lee
My Sister Said : Ian Hunter
Spiders : Scarlet Monahan
About to be Kissed : Ralph Robert Moore
Lavender : Judith Skillman
Dinosaurs : Paul Hostovsky
Frisbee : Paul Hostovsky
O World I Cannot Hold Thee Close Enough : Paul Hostovsky
The Conduit : Richard Gessner
Lunch with Veronica : Marion Pitman
Heart of Phlogiston : Marion Pitman
Last Rites : Kirby Wright
To a Friend at the Ben Hur Apartments, San Francisco : Kirby Wright
Unwinding : Zachary Scott Hamilton
The Circumstance of Luke Davenport : Caleb True

APRIL // Sur-Noir
guest edited by Marc Lowe

table of contents

Horror : Matt Dennison
Dogsneer : Saul Hughes
Corrupter : A A Garrison
Bleach : Saul Hughes
The New Plastic House : Daniel Schwartz
Girl Four : Jamie Grefe
Another Labyrinth : Noel Sloboda
The Rooming House : Fred Skolnik
The Spider or the Fly : A J Huffman
The Sleep Corporation : Douglas Thompson

Winter // Pharmacopoiea
Autumn // Metropolis
Summer // Wunder Kammer
Spring // Magnificent Monsters

Winter // Bauhaus
Autumn // All Things Move Toward their End {edited by Neddal Ayad and Nicole Votta}
Summer // unthemed on disc
Spring // Cinematique

Winter // philias & fetishes
Autumn // Memento Mori
Summer // sein, cos, tan
Spring // Clandestine Encounters

Winter // What the Vulture Ate For Tea
Autumn // Clowns/Ghosts
Summer // Rejectamenta
Spring // Artifice

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Picture courtesy of Des Lewis, 2013