surreal prose

I've never been speedy - Elmore Snoody
Beware the jolly suit! - Allen Ashley
Seven perspectives on 'the Augmented Imagination Project'
    - essays by Jonah Wilberg
How will I ever stir coffee with a lotus petal now?
            - Clockhouse London Writers
Mind those badly-designed mongooses! - Andrew Pidoux
Would you rather paint the Union Jack on Barney the Dinosaur...?
    - B Drew Collier
I've proof that you plug RS232 cables into drinks - Martin Heavisides
I want you to sell your soul to your fairy godmother... - Tantra Bensko
Do unspeakable things with my Orwellian gadget - Gary Budgen
Do not leave, it is not nameless - Mark Howard Jones
I may have the camera of a three-eyed and tasteless shed...
            - Zachary Scott Hamilton
I'd rather twist a precious paving slab than offend a supermarket
      - A J Kirby
random artwork

Flirt with my perverse asteroid
     - Cecelia Chapman and Jeff Crouch
Is that a tarpon outside your window or are you Venusian?
     - Rick Hutchinson
How can someone so fifteenth century drool over the Cure?
     - B Drew Collier
Don't manhandle me!... - Alan M Clark
Oh! I could smother an angel - Nelly Sanchez
generated poetry

I throw knickers at metal tourists - Jonah Wilberg
All your socks belong to us - Madeleine Walton
My piranha used to be Cro-Magnon - Andrew Hoaen
Coffins and saxophones - they both pulp me - Ali Znaidi
I fear it may be too late - Esther Greenleaf Murer
Which of the following might Abraham Lincoln pursue?.. - Michael Prihoda
Would you like an old poodle - Rachel Smith
Are you an android or a plum - Jonah Wilberg
I want to apply Goth make-up to your fax machine... - Michael Prihoda
How will I ever feel like a house now? - Sally Burnette