1)        Cro-magnon man an archaic form of human, famous for producing Cave Art in the South of France and Spain.
2)        Thaumaturgy - working of magic miracle making
3)        Therianthropy shape shifting, humans becoming animals
4)        Mu, Agartha, Ultima Thule - are mystical places, often associated with the cult of theosophy  founded by Madame Blavatsky in the late 19th century, the ideas of which along with spiritualism contributed to surrealism. In theosophical thinking the continents were linked by vast secret underground tunnels.
5)        Theosophy - a mystical cult of the early twentieth century
6)        Mantero, Lake Lumin and Cerro de Pasco are all locations around one of the many claimed origins of the Amazon.
7)        Atalante- a kind of Bugatti car from the high point of surrealism, also a pun on Atlantic, and a classic French film of the 30's
8)        Odontoceti- the latin name for the family of the dolphins it means toothed whales
9)        Flumen- latin for river

Cave bound amnesia
dream space Cro-Magnon man
hunkered down by
rock fall, water fall,
traumatic transformations
spring bound thaumaturgy
therianthropic(3) he fell into water
nacreous pale spelunker.

Down-volving teeth white
give way to luminous she dolphin.
My albino swims subterranean
Finds clues to Ultima Thule
secrets of Mu, legends of Agartha.
Theosophistic(5) guides
lead deep into dark
Lewisian Gneiss

Travel me to Mantero,
she dolphin commands.
I want to drink in the bars of Cerro de Pasco
Swim in Lake Lumin
The Hierophant cowed
takes his Atalante
(7) crashes through
The stygian gloom

To a blooming El Dorado

My fabled Odontoceti
(8) thierophant
Leads the Easter dance,
slips into the sacred Amazonian spring.
Fierce flumen
(9) creatures
nip and scratch her alien luster.
A twist and a slip and a rebirth
now a fierce piranha
bright with fearless upteeth
Taps down to Rio
Where my glasshouse waits.