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absolutely no cogs or sulk
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art unblocks eulogy solos
august lens robs cool yolk
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black toes sonorously lug
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bolt cage sonorously sulk
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gulls onerously sack boot
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gun callously stokes boor
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log us on cruel salty books
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loss on glory blackout use
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luckless boa on rusty logo
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neurology blacks out loss
neurology blocks out lass
neurology bouts all socks
neurology lab cooks lusts
neurology lab cools tusks
neurology lab stocks soul
neurology lab sucks stool
neurology lab sucks tools
neurology socks a bus toll
neurology socks ball to us
neurology socks ballot us
neurology socks oat bulls
neurology socks oust ball
neurology socks out balls
neurology sub to all socks
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onerously lacks bogus lot
onerously lost us backlog
onus to sell your backlogs
onus to sully ore backlogs
or socks bounteously gall
or socks nebulously gloat
or socks nebulously at log
our absolutely long socks
our lasso belongs to lucky
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rogue blankly scouts solo
rogue callously knots sob
rogue syllabus knots cool
so a slur buckles ontology
so black ontology rules us
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so broken locusts gall you
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so royal luck belongs to us
so truly no soul blockages
so truly blockages on soul
so ugly or no cello subtask
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