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Centipede Love Song VII by Daniel Porder
Bad Marrow by Liam Davies
Still Life of Hypnos by Berit Ellingsen
The Sale of Magaliluismili by Paul Kavanagh
Just Another Ordinary Day by Calum Kerr
Balzac by A E Reiff
Practical Metaphysics by Ken Poyner
The Unblinking Eye by John Seaberg
Rummaging The Sacristy by Rise Denenberg
Angst by Victor Enns
Empty Nest Syndrome by B Drew Collier
La Condition Humaine 21e Siècle by B Drew Collier
The Beginning by Craig Reishus
Glockenspiel Girl by Steve Toase
You Can Always Get More by Ladee Hubbard
Small Doom Menagerie by Juliet Cook
Melt Calves See Nothing by Graham Tugwell
Looking Down on The Self by KJ
Amsterdam Priest by Bruce Louis Dodson
The Invention of the Umbrella by Erik T Johnson
Memento Mori by D P Watt
Juxtaposition by Tantra Bensko
Some Things That Happen In The Future by Andrew S Taylor
Quantum Conversation with Grace by V Ulea
The Elmaloodie's Story by Jane Røken
Existential Skull by Tantra Bensko
The Healing by Louise Norlie
Obtaining Mercy by D B Cox
The Turned-Into's by Charles Haddox
Kaffe und Schizophrenie by Phil Doran
The iLLUSEUM by Grace de la Luna
The Illustrated Woman by J Brooke
The Extroverted Agoraphobic by Ralph Puglisi
Centipede Love Song VIII by Daniel Porder

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And so night fell, and with it came a keening as the creatures pulled themselves one by one, tentacle by hoof, from the very jars and cabinets that had been their prison for so long. They rose on their hind legs, their many-limbs, and howled and those unable to stand puffed up their gelatinous selves to grand proportions. And then they commenced to sing of revolution and talk of bloody revenge.