For about a dozen lifetimes I stayed in the House of the Black & Red Flag, in the House of the Burnt Wheel, and in the House of the Axe. Then I moved on. I drifted through crop-coil lawns and cobbled streets until I came to the gatekeeper's lodge. I left a small offering of yarrow on the stoop, and went in to seek directions. The first room was empty save for a stained brass-top table in front of a tall, narrow window. In the next room was a large bed with a swaddled infant lying on its back, staring abstractedly at the ceiling as if trying to remember something. The third and last room was not much more than a back passage; propped against the wall sat a pink-and-orange teddy bear, quietly smoking a home-rolled cigarette. I left through a side door. Now there's something in the air that tells me the moment of revolution has been unlocked, and I can follow the trail to the observatory in the mountains. I believe there will be an opening. What I'm trying to do is so preposterous there aren't even any rules against it.
Tantra Bensko
Jane Røken