Grace Andreacchi is an American-born novelist, poet and playwright. Works include the novels Scarabocchio and Poetry and Fear, Music for Glass Orchestra (Serpent's Tail), Give My Heart Ease (New American Writing Award) and the chapbook Berlin Elegies. Her work appears in Horizon Review, The Literateur, Cabinet des Fées and many other fine places. Grace is also managing editor at Andromache Books and writes the literary blog AMAZING GRACE. She lives in London.

Tantra Bensko teaches fiction and writes articles, runs Exclusive Magazine, and is the author of Lucid Membrane. Her art and photography have been shown and published extensively internationally.

j brooke is never fond of bios, for as he always says, who in the hell cares who he is and it isn't what you have written, but what you are going to write next. He is though a savage recluse, blue water, free diving, spear fisherman who lives on a remote beach in Zipolite Mexico, where he built a house. He is though always pleased to have is work shown in seinundwerden, for Rachel is one radical lady and no one does it better then she.

B. Drew Collier firmly believes that every single closet door has the potential to open onto anything from parallel universes filled with talking hedgehogs to the undersides of children's beds, if the handle is turned just the right way.

Juliet Cook's poetry has appeared within Action Yes, Barn Owl Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Diagram, Diode and many more print and online entities. She is the editor/publisher of Blood Pudding Press (print) and Thirteen Myna Birds (online). Juliet's first full-length poetry book, 'Horrific Confection' was published by BlazeVOX.  She also has oodles of published poetry chapbooks, most recently including FONDANT PIG ANGST (Slash Pine Press), Tongue Like a Stinger (Wheelhouse) and POST-STROKE (Blood Pudding Press for Dusie Kollektiv 5)  - with another new chapbook, Thirteen Designer Vaginas, coming very soon from the new Hyacinth Girl Press. She is currently submitting her second full-length poetry book, "Deadly Doll Head Dissection". To find out
more, please free to visit www.JulietCook.weebly.com

DB Cox is a blues musician/writer from South Carolina. His poems and short stories have been published extensively in the small press, in the US, and abroad. He has published five books of poetry:"Passing For Blue," "Lowdown," "Ordinary Sorrows," "Empty Frames," and "Nightwatch." He has been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize. His new collection of short stories called "Unaccustomed Mercy" will be published in 2011.

Liam Davies' fiction has appeared in various small press publications including: The Dream People; Kopfhalter Magazine; Whispers of Wickedness; Insidious Reflections Magazine; Thirteen Magazine; The Dream People; Ruthless Peoples Magazine; Triquorum 2; a couple of Chimeraworld anthologies and others. There is the distinct possibility of a debut novel release in winter 2012. In the past he has written for the theatre, earning two Manchester Evening News Theatre Award nominations in 2000 for his first play, Swine. www.liamdavies.webs.com

Risa Denenberg is an aging hippy currently living in Tacoma, WA. She earns her keep as a nurse practitioner and has worked in end-of-life care for many years.  Recent poems have appeared online at Soundzine, Umbrella, Sein und Werden, This, and Escape into Life.

Bruce Louis Dodson is a sculptor, photographer and writer of fiction and poetry in Seattle, Washington. His work has appeared in: San Francisco Bay Guardian, High Times Magazine, Apostrophe, Sou'wester, Off the Coast, Fiction International, Every Day Poets, Kerouac's Dog (March 2011), Breadline Press West Coast Poetry Anthology, and Sein und Werden Pharmacopoeia Issue (on-line). Some of his work can be seen on his Facebook page.

Phil Doran writes and performs short fiction and poetry, some of which has been published @ The Beat, Cerebral Catalyst, Dissections Horror E-Zine, Everyday Genius, Events Quarterly, Postcard Shorts, Sein und Werden, The Times, Yellow Mama & Zygote In My Coffee. He is author of two collections of short shorts: Spaghetti Fiction and Spaghetti Fiction Too. His latest project is the live spoken word/music duo: The Spaghetti Faction

Berit Ellingsen is a Norwegian literary and speculative fiction author and a classically trained biologist. Her fiction has or will appear in various online literary journals and in print anthologies, most recently in SPLIT Quarterly, The Subterranean Literary Journal and Zouch Magazine. Berit admits to pine for the fjords when abroad. Her debut novel, The Empty City, is inspired by the philosophy of nonduality.

Victor Enns lives and writes in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His work has recently appeared in Rattle (California) and is published reguarly in Canadian journals. Two collection of his poetry have been published including Lucky Man which was nominated for the 2005 McNally Roninson Manitoba Book of the Year award.

Charles Haddox lives in El Paso, Texas.  His work has appeared in a number of journals including Folio, The Summerset Review and Paradigm.

Ladee Hubbard is a writer from New Orleans, Louisiana.

KJ does not comprehend the world around him because he is in too deep. He is a common man without fanfare.

Erik T. Johnson's writing has appeared in or is forthcoming in Hugo award-winning Electric Velocipede, Shimmer, Space & Time Magazine, Underworlds, Clarion, New York Stories, Trunk Stories, Sein und Werden, Saucytooth's Webthology, Structo, Bosley Gravel's Cavalcade of Terror, Gigantic Sequins, The Ampersand Review, Morpheus Tales, The British Fantasy Society's New Horizons, Necrotic Tissue, Best New Zombie Tales Volume 3, and the Dead But Dreaming 2 anthology, among other publications. His style ranges from "traditional literary" to straight genre to crossed-genre, and though particularly drawn to the dark and fantastic, he is most interested in trying to say something that seems worth saying in the most thoughtful and memorable way possible. You can learn more about his work or contact him a www.eriktjohnson.net

Paul Kavanagh's book The Killing of a Bank Manager is published by Honest Publishing.

Calum Kerr s a writer and a lecturer in Creative Writing at Winchester
University. His collection, 31, came out in early 2011 and is available from
his website at  http://www.calumkerr.co.uk/  He is currently writing a flash-fiction
every day for a year at http://flash365.blogspot.com/

Louise Norlie's publications have appeared in various places online and in print as linked on her website (louise-norlie.blogspot.com). Meanwhile, in reality, she puts in her time in a bureaucratic cubicle where she shuffles papers and pushes buttons deep within the belly of a large building. 

Daniel Porder is an NYC poet studying writing at The New School.

Ken Poyner spent his first act publishing in the print magazines as, back then, there was no Internet.  Now, in the second act he has a definite preference for web based publishing.  New work is scheduled in the middle of 2011 for "Pank", "decomP", "A Clockwise Cat", "Fear of Monkeys", "Frigg" and elsewhere on the web, and in print from "The Pacific Review", "Blue Unicorn", and "Asimov's Science Fiction".  Figuring out how to do his first book in fifteen years is probably next.  He hopes to watch the wife set all the world raw power lifting records for her new age group and current weight class this summer as well.

Ralph Puglisi is an amateur writer just recently sticking his big toe into the literary waters of the publishing world.  He is currently attending school to obtain a degree in English.  Puglisi has been published in 'Verbicide Magazine.'

AE Reiff exhibits ceramic sculptures at Animal / Plant / Star Wilderness.

Craig Eldon Reishus lives south of Munich north of the Alps and is an anti-nuclear activist, anti-night club piano player, all-around pro webGuy, and translator of a broad score of films and books. He originates from Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Jane Røken believes in anything that can transmogrify into something else. She has been a saxhorn player in a brass band, a research technician in a secret lab, and a member of the Fourth International, but still hasn't decided what she wants to be when she grows up. In the meantime, she writes stories and poems. For you. Yes, you.  Her works have appeared in Poor Mojo's Almanac(k), Phantom Kangaroo, The Flea, Four and Twenty, Snakeskin, and Mobius.

John Seaberg, Greer, SC has always had an interest in the brain and amazingly, was fortunate to suffer and experience a severe traumatic brain injury first-hand, which changes life and alters perspective on it.  John received a scholarship in post-modern philosophy to England, but after a while he squatted in Brighton where he experimented with a vast array and copious quantity of drugs, including heroin.  In the past thirteen years since his injury and rehabilitation, John has obsessively studied the brain and how extreme circumstances can challenge, distort, and refine how the intellect works and how the world views the brain. While he has always loved writing, this is John's first short story, written a few years after his injury. 

Steve Toase spent most of his childhood being haunted by wallpaper, and the persistent faces that clothed themselves in paisley flock design. This has given him an interesting, though not necessarily normal, outlook on the world, which he now uses to write stories and interpret archaeology. His fiction has appeared online at Street Cake Magazine, NthPosition.com, Flashes In The Dark, Cafe Irreal, Pow Fast Flash Fiction and Byker Book amongst others. Steve lives in North Yorkshire, England and occasionally Munich, Germany. He spends his time when not writing, or digging up our shared heritage, trying to keep vintage British motorcycles on the road. Occasionally he succeeds.

Graham Tugwell is a PhD student with the School of English, Trinity College Dublin, where he teaches Popular and Modernist fiction.

Andrew S Taylor's first short story was published ten years ago in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.  Since then, his fiction and essays have appeared in dozens of publications, most recently The Cafe Irreal, Menda City Review, and Willows Wept Review.  His comedic horror novella "Swamp Angels" is included in the anthology Needles & Bones from Drollerie Press. He occasionally updates his blog at http://fablesandriddles.blogspot.com/

V Ulea (Vera Zubarev) is a bilingual writer, scholar, and filmmaker. She has been published in books of poetry, prose and literary criticism in the US and Europe, including, most recently, a collection of short stories, Snail (Crossing Chaos: Canada, 2009). She is also the editor of the anthology, Quantum Works in the Planet of Arts (Paraphilia: UK, 2010). Her short stories and poems have appeared in The Literary Review, The Bitter Oleander, Dream People, Sein und Werden, and many others. She has received international awards for her poetry, prose and literary criticism. Her cycle of poems, Letters from Another Planet, has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She received her Ph.D. in Russian Literature from the University of Pennsylvania where she is currently teaching courses on the art of decision-making in film, literature and the game of chess.  Her works can be found on Amazon.

D. P. Watt is a writer living in the bowels of England. He balances his time between lecturing in drama and devising new 'creative recipes', 'illegal' and 'heretical' methods to resurrect a world of awful literary wonder. His most recent collection An Emporium of Automata was published with Ex Occidente Press in 2010.