Grace de la Luna
The foundation La Quinta Essentia is a group of artists that specialize in the art of working with this substance.
The theater of memory is based on a long tradition - 'the art of memory' - an ancient method in which one tries to feed the memory and to structure it with the means of images. These images present themes in context, an order which stimulates the brain to create a simultaneous order.
The iLLUSEUM shows work in such a context with a theatrical dimension, to compare with an idea found especially in the 18th and 19th century : "The Cabinet of Wonder" or 'Wunderkammer' in which unimaginable and exotic objects were to open the doors of our perception. The Theater of Memory gave us a system in which it is possible to use archetypal , sometimes absurd display to enter the inner realms of one's self.       
These realms are accessible for everyone and offer an interesting starting point for creativity .They offer the possibility to transform experiences into stardust or gold. "Every man is an artist" said Joseph Beuys already long time ago.
Once Burroughs whispered to Clemente :

"… maybe artists are those people who dream for those who cannot dream to survive".

If he spoke the truth then may the iLLUSEUM be the night, brightly lit by many stars.

La Quinta Essentia is the glue that sticks the 4 elements together. The fifth, the untouchable missing element, the Ether. The palace in which the muses live.
The substance dreams & ideas are made of.
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Their  iLLUSEUM is situated on the Witte de Withstraat 120 in Amsterdam, their website:
These images are taken from DIERBAAR BESTIARIUM (=Beloved Bestiary),  observing the human animal in relationship to all other animals & other living matter.

Central questions were: 
When was it written that Humans can do whatever they want on this planet?
Would animals have more rights IF they had a purse filled with coins?

The sculptures in the photos were a Gesammt Kunstwerk by the iLLUSEUMinati themselves: Grace de la Luna, Sir Dark Green & Alexander van der Woel.