The Clock (L'Horloge): Annie Stephens
The Ending Tastes Just Like the Beginning: Roberta Lawson
The Scythian Idol: Edmond Caldwell
Phrenology: John Brewer
Mark on the Wall: Louise Norlie
Swing: Neddal Ayad
I Sleep With a Dog: Matt Dennison
That Which is Lost: Brian Collier
A Dragonfly and Her Dead Shadow: Azucar Shoots
Dust: Matt Dennison
Tropical Estuary: Rochelle Potkar
Silver Umbilical Corded: Marc Vincenz
The Irksome Settee: Bobby Morris
The Immediacy: Matt Dennison
The Fog Rolls: Neddal Ayad
Borges' Escape: AE Reiff
The Mysterious Mustard Kings: Eugene Thomas
As She Tries to Feed the Stranger Inside: Chandra Kavanagh
Character Sketch: Neddal Ayad
I Bet You'd Like To Know If My Knickers Are Still On: Ludo
The Stars Will Have Their Way: Nicole Votta

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Autumn 2009
Sein und Werden
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