"Art and Technology: a new unity"

Submissions Deadline: 20th November

Bauhaus (Construction House) was founded by Walter Gropius in 1919, who sought to integrate rationalism and functionalism and affordability in art through a series of workshops which included architecture (this later becoming the most significant aspect of the movement), glass painting, metal work, weaving, furniture making and pottery. After numerous directors and a critically honed philosophy, Bauhaus was finally closed down in 1933 by Hitler who felt it was anti-nationalist.

For the next issue I am seeking work that somehow embraces Bauhaus. Writers: don't despair. Bauhaus is about form and function, technology, geometric design... 'Gesamtkunstwerk = a total work of art. Sein und Werden is about translating the theme inventively. Check out the link at the end for more details on the movement. Check out the names below for inspiration. Set a story in Weimar Germany; stylise your prose to emcompass the bauhaus rationale; furnish your fiction in the bauhaus style, the curves of a Wagenfeld teapot, the linear exemplar of a Theo van Doesburg... Suprise me, tickle my fancy, titillate my senses, but do it with style!

Some of the artists associated with Bauhaus:

Herbert Bayer
Paul Klee
Wassily Kandinsky
Lyonel Feininger
Johannes Itten
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
El Lissitzky
Theo van Doesburg
Marcel Breuer
Wilhelm Wagenfeld
Marianne Brandt