Neddal W. Ayad lives in a small town just outside of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.  His writing and journalism have been published in The Modern Word, Fantastic Metropolis, Clarkesworld Magazine, and Sein Und Werden.  He plays guitar in the band the does (like female deer) and spends a lot of time taking photographs. He is often mistaken for Vincent Gallo and feels that maintaining a website is beneath him.  He can be reached at knifeplease AT gmail DOT com.

John Brewer is an English artist working in early photographic processes. He has had work published in several national and regional publications and has represented an award winning theatre company. He is particularly interested in, and influenced by, the Dada and Surrealism movements. His website is

Edmond Caldwell's work has appeared in publications such as Word Riot, 3:AM Magazine, Beat the Dust, SmokeLong Quarterly, and DIAGRAM.  He was last seen in Boston.

Brian Collier pilfers bits of light and dark from forgotten drawers and covets the noises that words make in your head.

After a rather extended and varied second childhood in New Orleans: street musician (10 years), psych-tech (10 months), riverboat something-or-other (10 days), door-to-door poetry peddler (10 hours), etc.,
Matt Dennison currently lives in a 100-year-old house in Mississippi with "lots of potential"-and at least one ghost.

Chandra Kavanagh is a philosophy student at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. She was began writing at a young age and continues to draw inspiration from the different realities around us. She is currently working on a short book of poetry entitled "Pin". Chandra can be contacted at

Roberta Lawson is twenty five years old, English, and lives in Brighton. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Eviscerator Heaven, Prick Of The Spindle, The Clockwise Cat, and Zygote in My Coffee. This week she has a bear fascination. Last week, it was multi-coloured knee-socks. She blogs at

Ludo is a photographer based in Italy who likes playing with light and emotions to deliver stories about love, life and female issues, particularly sexuality. Her main focus is self portrait and self discovery although she recently moved on to portraits as she believes that photographing and digging into other people's souls can be extremely cathartic. She studied at Bournemouth College of Art in the late 90's and couldn't live without music. She is also a tattoo junkie. Her work can be found here:

Bobby Morris lives in Leicestershire, England, where he's finishing a PhD in artificial evolution. He writes comic fiction in his spare time.

By day, Louise Norlie plows through miles of traffic to crunch numbers and shuffle papers in a windowless cubicle. By night, she dreams of better things. Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in a various publications online and in print, including Juked and Dark Reveries. Her work is upcoming in Mad Hatter's Review and an anthology published by Dead Letter Press. Updates on her publications can be found at

Rochelle Potkar
won a gold place for her short story, The Point of Irish Coffee at the 2008 Revenge Ink contest. Her stories have appeared in Muse India, Shine Journal, Women Writers, a print anthology of paranormal stories by Unisun publications and is due to appear in Cantaraville, Bewildering Stories and The Medulla Review.

AE (Reiff) is a remedial agent that delivers surfactant to poetry spills similar to that used in baby shampoo (Alcohol Ethoxylate). AE proportions the dispersant by use of an aspirator/eductor, which agency accelerates the rate of hydrocarbon degradation. More surfactant is  available at

Azucar Shoots photographs a world where darkness and beauty hold hands. Her photos are primarily the expression of beauty in darkness, in desolation, and in abandonment. With these images, she creates some sort of veiled, dark stories that are sometimes absurd, sometimes shocking, but always representations of the cold, beautiful, strange world in which she lives.

Annie Stephens grew up in a little home in Ottawa Ontario with four other small wild and barefoot sisters. Educated at the kitchen table, their world was often self-created realities stepped into or put to paper, paper secrets and bantam bones, skinned knees, ghosts found and some conjured. Today Annie's photography comes from a natural extension of these small games and superstitions, and a deeply rooted compulsion to create and to document self and surroundings, real or imagined. Self-taught, she works with the simplest of tools and relies heavily on creative resourcefulness. In late 2008 she moved to Montreal for love and now lives and creates here in a little apartment in the East with a small black cat often at her heels.

Eugene Thomas lives in South London and has been writing for the past 4 years, he has worked as a sketch writer for BBC TV, and his screenplays for short films have been produced by numerous production companies.

Marc Vincenz was born in Hong Kong, but has lived in England, the US, Spain, Switzerland, and worked for ten years in Shanghai. Currently based out of Iceland, he writes a bi-weekly column on the paranormal for the Reykjavik Grapevine, Iceland's only English-language newspaper, and is a regular contributor to Open Letters Monthly and Australia's Trespass Magazine.

Nicole Votta is a gothicly inclined young woman who is about forty-nine cats short of perfection.  She can often be found in and around downtown Toronto, Ontario looking bored, distracted, and annoyed.  She is currently at work on a long and involved novel in which an analogue of the 70's punk scene in NYC plays out in Edwardian England.  It's gonna be groovy babe.