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Please refer to the next issue guidelines before submitting your work.
Autumn 2021
Open to submissions from 1st July
Submissions Deadline: 31st August
Submissions are invited for "Sein und Werden - Last Chance Filling Station".
Issue to be guest-edited by award-winning editor and "Sein" regular Allen Ashley.
Submissions will run from
1st July 2021 to 31st August 2021, British times and calendar.

A last chance filling station is traditionally a petrol pump, garage and services before one hundred miles or more of unbroken road through desert. Metaphorically, it has similar connotations to "Last Chance Saloon" or simply "Last Chance" in terms of: if you don't do it now, it will be too late. Maybe the last chance to turn the tide, to make a difference or a positive change.

I want artwork - as readable / downloadable j-pegs. Think Edward Hopper or Neil Young's garage or 1970s road movies. I know all about the pollutants they carry but I love the old-style petrol pumps and associated gas station paraphernalia. Do me a collage. Or something achingly resonant.

I want stories to 1500 words maximum, no exceptions. I want poems to 40 lines, no exceptions. Take us to these filling stations, these café and burger stops across the street from the rundown 3-shack town. Place us in these hinterlands, these liminal spaces. Who are we going to meet there? What's going to happen there? Keep your writing sharp and succinct. Or take us to the late night BP or Shell garage on the slip road off the motorway. Maybe you've got the munchies. Maybe the place draws a different crowd depending on the hour on the clock. Surely that is the case…?

Or take the theme figuratively. Maybe this is a last chance to fix or at least help the climate. Perhaps it's the last chance to ensure that democracy is not pushed aside by mob rule. Or something personal - your last chance to make amends, to do something good for other people or society. It could be a true story. I'll take creative non-fiction up to 1500 words.

Send me experimental forms. The fry-up menu, the oil change catalogue, a till receipt…

Don't send me sex crimes, butchery or hate material. Sure, one of your characters might do or say something bad but it's got to be clear to me where the authorial moral compass is pointing.

Send your work as a Doc attachment to Allen Ashley on: allensein@outlook.com
Use that email address for this issue only, please.
One submission only per category per person. Yes, you can send me a story and a poem. Oh all right, two poems max.

Artwork - J-pegs, please.
I will consider reprints if: I haven't seen them before and if you hold all the requisite rights.

Submission etiquette:
Hi Allen / Hello Allen / Dear Allen / Dear Sir - are all fine.
Attachments please.
Don't be a lazy arse and try me with Google Docs or Dropbox and other such hoop jumping when you submit. I won't respond.

But on a positive note: I'll take SF, fantasy, some forms of horror, noir, neo-realist, surrealism, humour, Americana, British farce, clever stuff, dumb stuff, whatever. Be bold, be inventive. As an editor, my holy grail is to receive a submission and say, "I wish I'd written that." Be that submitter.

Reminder: please use the allensein@outlook.com address for this issue and not the regular address.
Submissions sent to the regular address will not be read.

Every issue of Sein und Werden is themed and work must somehow incorporate the Werdenist ideal ie. it must touch on at least one of the isms - Expressionism, Surrealism, Existentialism.

Sein und Werden is a non-profit-making venture, therefore we cannot pay for material we publish.

I want your:  Short stories, novel excerpts, dreams, thoughts, scribblings, poetry, artwork, photography, unfinished writing.

I am after
experimental, non-genre, horror, absurdist, philosophical, noir, crime, hard-boiled, surreal.
I am not after romance, shock tactics, morality stories, politics, gratuitous violence, chick-lit...

If you're still stuck, here are a few authors/directors/artists I like:

Antonin Artaud                                
J G Ballard                                        
George Bataille                             
Philip K Dick             
Lawrence Durrell  
Knut Hamson      
Daniil Kharms          
Julia Kristeva      
Lydia Lunch            
Henry Miller        
John-Paul Sartre
Bruno Schulz
Andrew Vassch        

If you have an idea but do not know if I will be interested, just email and ask me.

I am interested in the concept of creativity, not as an ending but as something mutable, the before and after, the whys and hows, the accidents and the losses that result in something perfect. So if you submit a piece of work, feel free to expand on your ideas and decisions behind it, or simply write me an essay on your own creative experience.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, as are previously published pieces, as long as you let me know when and where the piece first appeared.

Previous contributors are quite welcome, and encouraged, to submit to future issues.

Before submitting please read the guidelines below:

- 6000 words max.
- One submission at a time.
- Include your name on the MS
- Send as a word.doc or RTF attachment. Please do not send in the body of the email.
- If you would like to include a bio please include it with your submission.

- A maximum of three poems at a time.
- There is no maximum or minimum line length.
- Include your name on the MS
- Prose poems are welcome.
- Send as a word.doc or RTF attachment. Please do not send in the body of the email.
- If you would like to include a bio please include it with your submission.

- Articles/features which are arts-related, for instance, on a particular author or specific art-movement. Also, journal excerpts and articles on personal writing experiences.
- 6000 words max.
- One submission at a time.
- Send as a word.doc or RTF attachment. Please do not send in the body of the email.
- If you would like to include a bio please include it with your submission.

- No more than 3 at a time.
- Jpgs are preferable.
- If you would like to include a bio please include it with your submission.

I will accept submissions in different formats at one time, for example, you may submit both an image and a short story, etc.

Send submissions to seinundwerden@gmail.com