As She Tries to Feed the Stranger Inside

Gargantuan Tarantula
The Black Dog
The Mark Inside
Giggling inwardly at her futile attempts
Digesting booze and drugs and fake love
A fat, sweating insurance salesman in Bermuda shorts
Consuming corn dogs and cotton candy
Watching the rides blow the little girl's skirts up

She prays for relief, curled into a ball on silken sheets. Another
screaming match inside her head

What an unfortunate place

She locks the door and decides to stay inside
It's not fair to let the Tarantula run free
So easily destroyed
She was strong, she could take it
The screaming, the biting hatred of her own brain

Deciding once and for all that there was no one to save her.

It could have been a beautiful realization
But she had known for some time now that she was too weak to save herself.
And there was no hero
She lay in bed
Caressed by the Tarantula
Chandra Kavanagh