from Sean Connolly's 'Wholly Irresponsible Experiments' - Soren James
Pale Houses - B. Drew Collier
Anger Day # 1 - Douglas Thompson
Moment - Danielle Imara
Goodbye - Danielle Imara
The Spurious Incident of the Leg and the Black-Out - Phil Doran
Good Advice - Svein H. Skavern
Dealer with Visions - Svein H. Skavern
The Times we Live in - Svein H. Skavern
That Rain - Gregg Dotoli
Rain-Felled Glass - Elliott Niblock
Halfway to Hades on a Black Night - A.A. Fenton
How the Mirror Erased Me - Nelly Sanchez
The Narrator - Jeff Crouch and Diana Magallón
Absolute Solitude - A.J. Huffman
The Color of Salvation - A.J. Huffman
Ravi Shankar's 'Shapes in the Wilderness' - Dwarakanathan Ravi
T.S. Eliot's 'The Wasteland' - Dwarakanathan Ravi
Socrates (1) - Nicholas Alexander Hayes
Socrates (5) - Nicholas Alexander Hayes
Socrates (6) - Nicholas Alexander Hayes
Anger Day # 2 - Douglas Thompson
Sergeant Pepper Shuffle - Allen Ashley
The Window Reveals - Socrates Martinis
Blackout - Andrew Hoaen
Joe - Andrew Hoaen
Friday - W.C. Bamberger
Recycled Sentiments - Ellaraine Lockie
Bookworm - Ellaraine Lockie
Rachel Kendall interviews Ellaraine Lockie
The Monarch of Leg Shack - Parker Weston
Flowers of Viscera - Parker Weston
Blackout - Denny Marshall
Incontinently Adrift - Lana Bella
Dying Butterflies - Lana Bella
Songs That Won the War - Clockhouse London Writers
Of Origins - Shloka Shankar
Of Desire - Shloka Shankar
Ars Poetica - Shloka Shankar
London Versus - Adam Marks
Whitman erasure - Esther Greenleaf Murer
John Ashbery, "Business personals" - Esther Greenleaf Murer
Ashbury haiku erasure - Esther Greenleaf Murer
Gato - Diana Magallón
Mechanical Soldiers - Rachel Kendall
In the Round - David Roberts
Forth - Barnaby Smith
Electric Rabbit - Barnaby Smith
Poem 969 - PT Davidson
Poem 970 - PT Davidson
Poem 971 - PT Davidson
Jean Paul Sartre's 'La Nausee', 1938 - Nick Jackson
Anger Day # 3 - Douglas Thompson
view-source_https___en.wikipedia.org_wiki_Infinite_monkey_theorem.html - Nicholas Lawrence