All words taken from Friday April 21, 1972 Kalamazoo [Michigan]
Gazette comics page---via a printer's mock-up block made of pressed
cardboard that I own. I laid paper over selected areas of this embossed
pressed board and rubbed it with a pencil, filled the page with a
visually pleasing collage of frames from various comics---Beetle Bailey,
Pogo, Steve Canyon, Judge Parker, and more---then took words from
the frames I'd selected and used them to assemble the found poem. 
Below is a shot of the collage/pencil-rubbing artifact. So, this is your
suggested technique with a few twists, but topologically speaking the
same, one might say.
Friday by W.C. Bamberger
I'm broke-What do you intend
To do about it?
Here at the hospital
I smell burning rubber.
For the first time
I've made up my mind,
And I am not leaving until
I understand why you are assuming I'm
About 50% unasked questions
And 50% unanswered ones.
Come sit down.
We'll just have to wait
Until one of us comes home
For the first time
With the key and
Lets us in