Recycled Sentiments by Ellaraine Lockie

Pacific Ocean seaweeds float
with paper coffee filters
and espresso grounds
Dregs from early a.m.
cups of decaf in seaside beds

Pine needles stockpiled
during mountain drives
Picnic by-products
of orange peels and apple cores
Combine with wildflowers
grasses and flashes of bodies I laid bare
in fields private behind gravel pits

Sagebrush and lilac blossoms
left scentless beside a bathtub
Their carcasses now blending
with exotic bird feathers
and fragments of fervent poems

All in a potpourri of fibrous reflections
On a love as wasted as these
separate parts of the handmade paper pulp
Before they are boiled and macerated
Molded and dried into stationery
The message sealed with sincerely yours
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