Sergeant Pepper Shuffle by Allen Ashley

Twenty years ago
Out of style
Do you need anybody?
Picture yourself
Lovely Rita
In the sky with diamonds
Will you still feed me?
Where the rain gets in
In a cottage
On a train in the station
In the Isle of Wight
We were talking
On trampoline
Without you
We're sorry but it's time to go.
He blew his mind
Woke up
Went into a dream
To turn you on
Kept her apart from the things that she loved
And the people
Who hide themselves behind the wall
To turn you on
Stops my mind from wondering
I'd love
Without you
Where I belong
Meeting a man from the motor trade
At Bishopsgate
They had to count them all
Clutching her handkerchief
I've got to admit
How's the wife been?
It's getting better