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Sales Manager : Rachel Kendall
Shop Floor Coordinator : Allen Ashley


Purity by Nelly Sanchez    £1
Glory by Esther Greenleaf Murer    £2
Racing the Clock by Mark Lewis    £3
Ad Nauseam by Parker Weston    £4
Ode to WalMart by A. J. Huffman    £5
Bluewater by Wilf Jones    £6
Whisperwish by Cecelia Chapman and Grat Bodkin     £7
A Flood of Endorphins by Benjamin F. Jones     £8
Our Company Christmas Card by Ken Poyner     £9
More Than a Mixer by B. Drew Collier   £10
Black Friday, Blue Monday by Sarah Doyle   £11
Starry Night by Diana Magallon   £12
Retail Extinction by David Turnbull   £13
Unconscious Consumer by Andrew Hook   £14
The Pub and Mall Warriors by James G. Piatt   £15
Beautiful Are the Feet by Terry Grimwood   £16
I Reject the Lie That Work is Inherently Good by Britta Moline   £17
Take a Kodak by B. Drew Collier   £18
The Wounded Morning by Kirby Wright   £19
A Partridge in a Pear Tree by Rachel Rodman   £20
Once Upon a Sign by Cecelia Chapman, Deirdre Lynds and Jeff Crouch   £22
Noise by Diana Magallon   £23
Winter Sale Now On by Rachel Smith   £24
Update Design Book by Cecelia Chapman   £25
An Ingestive Autobiography - Excerpt by Dan Morey   £26
Bachelor's Dinner by Nelly Sanchez   £27
Hair Color by Michael Prihoda   £28
Market Research by Michael Prihoda   £29
Old Cow by B. Drew Collier   £30
Opting Out by David Webb   £31
Tracks of Your Dreams and Desires by Cecelia Chapman   £33
Outpost by Martin Heavisides   £34
Andrew Topel's Monster R.D. by Zachary Scott Hamilton   £36
Marla by Rachel Kendall   £37
The Company are Fidgety by Parker Weston   £38
Sunflowers by Diana Magallon   £39
Tulips by Diana Magallon   £40
Some Thoughts on Will Self and Others by Andrew Hoaen   £41
Can You Die Someplace Else? by A. J. Huffman   £42
To Visit Your Heroes by Britta Moline   £43
Die Unentschlossenheit by B. Drew Collier   £44
Morphnacular i: anagnorisis by Joe Milford   £45
Morphnacular ii: Bono postcard hamartia by Joe Milford   £46
Neddal Ayad interviews Sarada Holt   £47
Sold as Advertised by Martin Heavisides   £48
Lunar Pebbles, story and image by Angel Dionne   £49
Recycled by Phil Bowne   £50
These Products Can Burn Your Eyes by Parker Weston   £52

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