Allen has become a regular contributor to "Sein und Werden" over the years. This is his second session in the guest editor's chair. His previous outing was "Sein und Werden - The Unnatural World" back in July 2012. His most recent book is as editor of "Sensorama: Stories of the Senses" (Eibonvale Press, 2015)
Allen runs Clockhouse London Writers: http://clockhouselondonwriters.wordpress.com/

Esther Greenleaf Murer lives in Philadelphia.  She has been writing poetry all her life, but got serious about learning the craft when she turned 70. Since then her poems have appeared in numerous webzines; she has been featured poet in The Centrifugal Eye and KIN.  Her first collection, Unglobed Fruit, appeared in 2011.  Links to many of her poems may be found at http://esthergreenleafmurer.blogspot.com

For around ten years, Nelly Sanchez has been making cut-outs. She has been published in journals such as Mung Being, Temporel... She has also participed in exhibitions : in 2012, at Paris -"Femmes/Hommes. Stéréotypes à l'oeuvre", galerie ABB (Belleville, Paris)-, in 2013, at Pézenas (Hérault, France) and in 2014 at Mestre (Italia) - "Quand saro più grande", La Casa della Renna- and Dieppe (Seine-Maritime, France). She has also illustrated writings like La Falaise était nue (Bernard Baritaud). Her artwork can be seen at www.artmajeur.com/fr/art-gallery/nelly-sanchez/208516

Mark Lewis has previously had work published in The British Fantasy Society Journal, Another 100 Horrors, seinundwerden, A Touch of Saccharine, Full Fathom Forty, Escape Velocity, Scheherazade, Estronomicon, The Nail, and others.  He has also written and performed in pantomimes.  He is still working on two novels.  Mark is a member of the Clockhouse London Writers.  More of Mark's writing can be found at http://syntheticscribe.wordpress.com/

Parker Weston is a multimedia artist residing in Mesa, Arizona (voted the most conservative big city in the United States) mainly focused on assemblage/sculpture. He has a comic strip, Animation Taxidermy, several short animations and musical project Stembreo, to boot. When he was a child, an overpaid psychic told his mother that he would grow to be a writer. He was relieved later that she was spared the news that along the way he would be an adult shop janitor and a backpacking-drifter before this writing business ever came into effect. facebook.com/artofparkerstembreo.bandcamp.com

A.J. Huffman has published eleven solo chapbooks and one joint chapbook through various small presses. Her new poetry collection, Another Blood Jet, is now available from Eldritch Press.  She has two more poetry collections forthcoming: A Few Bullets Short of Home, from mgv2>publishing and Degeneration, from Pink Girl Ink.  She is a Multiple Pushcart Prize nominee, and has published over 2100 poems in various national and international journals, including Labletter, The James Dickey Review, Bone Orchard, EgoPHobia, and Kritya. She is also the founding editor of Kind of a Hurricane Press. www.kindofahurricanepress.com

Wilf Jones is a British fantasy writer and occasional poet. He published the first volume of his Song of Ages trilogy as a kindle edition late last year, with the serial editions of The Best of Men available from March 2015. The Twist Inside (Song of Ages vol. 2) is scheduled for publication in November. Wilf maintains a free to read, no ad website at www.wilfkelleherjones.co.uk  Aside from the regular blog it is home to the Chronicle and Map pages that provide a background for his Song of Ages project. It is also a repository for many of his poems and songs.  Happily settled in a Suffolk village, with wife and two sons, he sings folk as a member of the duo Rattlebag, obsessively supports LFC, and salves mind and body by taking a regular five mile run through quiet country lanes. If he can get to the Lake District there's nothing he likes better than climbing a high fell and, of course, the decent pint of real ale to follow.

Cecelia Chapman (American) is a contemporary artist currently working in San Francisco. Her practice, ranges in medium from digital to analog, video, graphic design, text and painting. Her work examines the image in communication, multiplied, corrupted and transformed. ceceliachapman.com

Benjamin F Jones is a writer working in South Wales. He loves pizza, photography and moist clay. When it rains he catches drops in his open mouth. He creates prose poetry, flash, absurdist snapshots and humorous fiction. Shuffled Fragments can be read at http://graphitebunny.wordpress.com/

Ken has published "Constant Animals", 42 unruly fictions.
Paperback and e-book: www.kpoyner.com.

B. Drew Collier contributes far too much money far too happily to the beer and liquor industry, but only reluctantly participates in any other branch of capitalist culture.

Sarah Doyle is the Pre-Raphaelite Society's Poet-in-Residence. She has been widely placed and published, with her first collection, "Dreaming Spheres: Poems of the Solar System" (co-written with Allen Ashley), being published by PS Publishing in autumn 2014.  Sarah co-hosts Rhyme & Rhythm Jazz-Poetry Club at Enfield's Dugdale Theatre.  More at: www.sarahdoyle.co.uk

Diana Magallón is a Mexican designer whose work has appeared in Word for word, Shampoo, Eratio, Bigbridge, OnBarcelona, Truck, etc. Author of Pellipa in Wolf, Bravísima Reseña, Fábulas Furtivas. cipollinaaaaa

David is a writer of short fiction and a member of Clockhouse London Writers. Recent anthologies: "Best British Fantasy 2014", "Horror Uncut", "A Taste of Saccharine" and "Sensorama: Stories of the Senses".  http://www.tumsh.co.uk/

Widely published, Andrew used to run the multi-award winning Elastic Press. Now he runs Salo Press with Sophie Essex. www.andrew-hook.comhttp://andrew-hook.blogspot.co.uk/

James is the author of two poetry books, "The Silent Pond" (2012) and "Ancient Rhythms" (2014), his third poetry book will be released in  2015. He has had over 575 poems, published in over 75 different magazines, anthologies and books, throughout the world. His poem, "The Night Frog" was nominated for best of web 2013, his poem, "In The Meadow," was selected as one of the 100 best poems of 2014, and his poem, "I Am" was nominated for a 2014 Pushcart award. His books are available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Terry is a writer of short stories, novellas, novels, plays and textbooks, publisher at theEXAGGERATEDpress, blues harpist, college tutor, husband, father and granddad.

Britta writes about anything and everything that interests her, and has been published in the fields of film studies, art history, performance art, and, most recently, poetry. Past publishers include the MARTa Herford museum in Germany, La Table Ronde, and The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society. If she had my own "starter pack" it would include High Rise by JG Ballard, Tabula Rasa by Einstürzende Neubauten, Laphroaig whiskey, and the Dada Manifesto by Tristan Tzara.

Find out more about Kirby at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirby_Wright

Rachel Rodman writes about science and fiction. Visit her at www.rachelrodman.com

Rachel Smith, artist and educator, lives and works in Sheffield. She is currently researching a Fine Art PhD Drawing out Language, at Sheffield Hallam University. Her work sits between conceptual writing and art. The processes of drawing language and writing sound are used to explore our fragmentary experience of communication. For more information see her blog: www.rachelartsmith.blogspot.co.uk

Dan Morey is a freelance journalist in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.  His creative work has appeared or is forthcoming in many publications, including Menacing Hedge, Far Enough East, Drunk Monkeys, Splitsider and The Lowestoft Chronicle.  Don't worry, he eats better now.  Find him at danmorey.weebly.com.  

Michael Prihoda was born and raised in rural Wisconsin. He currently attends university and writes poems and stories. He loves nature, animal crackers, and falling asleep.

David Webb has no online presence, choosing instead to seek the validation of strangers by writing stories and poems.  Success has brought him an international readership stretching well into double figures.

David's achievements include: The Linnet's Wings: essays, scholarly intros, 1 full length play. Living Theatre, 1 live playreading. Crossing Chaos Press, 1 novel. Frigg, Mad Hatter's Review, JoCC, Dog Oil Press et al: fiction, poetry, CNF, autofantasy, unclassifiable specimens. Feast of Laughter: Up Close, and In Particularhttp://theevitable.blogspot.ca/http://movingpicturewrites.com/

Rachel Kendall edits chiefly, parents singly, works bookishly and writes when-she-can-shly.

Andrew Hoaen is a very new poet and an old archaeologist who has been writing on and off for a long time.  He looks forward to writing some more poems. He is working on a new series called 'chumbling' which deals with post traumatic stress.

Joseph Victor Milford is a Professor of English and a Georgia writer who is currently working on his EdD doctoral studies. His first collection of poems, Cracked Altimeter, was published by BlazeVox Press in 2010, and he is presently composing a collection of poems with Hydeout Press, forthcoming in 2015. He is also the host of The Joe Milford Poetry Show, where he has compiled an archive of over 300 interviews and readings with American and Canadian poets. Furthermore, he is also the editor of RASPUTIN, a Poetry Thread.

SARADA HOLT is an artist, writer and all-round creative person. Her website is at http://www.artbysarada.com/

NEDDAL AYAD writes from the Canadian Far East.  He spends his time writing, photographing things, and abusing guitars.

Angel Dionne is a Northern Maine resident. She is currently a PhD candidate with a penchant for surrealism and automatic writing techniques. Her work has appeared in The Penmen Review, The Penmen Review Anthology, The Aroostook Review, Apocrypha & Abstractions, and Chicken Soup for the Soul. She hopes to go on to make worthwhile contributions to the literary and visual arts.

Phil Bowne wrote "Recycled", which he describes as a story about, rejection, travel, and redemption.