When humans were closer to ape than resembling anything as unfortunate as modern man, there were strangers from the stars that visited in shuttles, similar to present day airplanes. They befriended the reluctant savages and impressed them with their technology, which might as well have been magic to mankind. They also presented them with gifts to win their trust. One of these gifts was a plant the visitors called "Knowl", native to their planet and many others. They explained, telepathically translating into simple grunts and hoots, that the Knowl plant grew small berries on its branches known as "Pow", a fruit that contained potent juices that if ingested, were mentally stimulating and altering beyond the capabilities of anything on Earth. Among the various groups the visitors came in contact with, the white tribes seemed to be the witnesses to these events the majority of the time, and for some reason, trusted most by the visitors. So it was the responsibility of the whites to evenly distribute the Knowl plants and seeds among the neighboring tribes. However, the greediness of the whites overcame their willingness to share the visitors' gift and shortly after handing out only a few plants and seeds to the black, red, yellow, and brown tribes, the whites hoarded almost all of the Knowl for themselves. To them, it was a race of the races, gorging themselves on the Pow berries and growing more intelligent and inventive beyond most tribes at a rapid rate. This was met with much fear and distrust. The whites waged war with all, supreme in that art and many others. An aspect unforeseen by the visitors was a side effect of Knowl consumption called "Ego". This was added to the list of attributes that showed predominately in the whites. The men from the stars now fully regretted giving their gift of evolution to these miscreants, but continued to observe them nonetheless. Completely disgusted by the tribes' special brands of "civilization", the extraterrestrial engineers found equally horrid every tribe's differing conceptions of origin resulting from their underlying superstitions as natural born idiots and further elaborated on with the Knowl plant. This was known as "Religion". Each group's notion of this was basically the same in its absurdity, all of them pathetic attempts at demystifying the greatness of their traveling gods, despite what they taught them. The visitors halted their experiment. They abandoned the tribes in frustration, all left studded in their various states of evolution. Mankind resorted to its usual misery prior to the intervention of the visitors, only now more advanced; the tribes of whites notably had the upper hand now. The visitors contemplated obliteration of these cretins, but agreed it would be a waste of resources. They possessed the clairvoyance to understand man's self-destructive nature would save them the trouble of a one-sided war. One thing about these biological mistakes the beings from above could not foresee would be their longevity, far after the failed experiment