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*ophelia (offstage) - neil ayres
*five nightmares - neddal ayad
* spiral - christopher morris
*shamanic journey I - victor dima
*the pedestal - michael chmielecki
 erodium and the red man's nightmare
 - candice rice
*traintracks - lori helbert
*untitled - v. sarada holt
*untitled - rachel kendall
*nightmare - corey mesler
 devil - john brewer
*transient insanity - anne sorrentino
 epilogue - elias
*i dare you - jane
 carmina (
à la catullus) - joe london
*rage - candice rice
*sky - lori helbert
*creep - rachel kendall
*monosyllabic experiment 3
 - brian collier
*red velvet cake - juliet cook
*eulogy for one twin lost - candice rice
 the girl in the garden - r. bagley
*chrystalline - spyros heniadis
*bulletproof partition - chano gonzalez
 welcome in dreaming - florentyna leow
*fever - juliet cook
 room k at the horror hotel - j. d. nelson
crawling - rachel kendall & neddal ayad
*during the rain delay, wednesday, sanibel
 - l. ward abel
 the watcher - spyros heniadis
*fragment # 2 - neddal ayad
*rust3 - tracy m. rogers
toothsome - j. d. nelson
*candymouth - juliet cook
*section 8 - john thomas allen
 untitled - ryan wright
*stairway - lori helbert