bulletproof partitions

Sometimes belching out/peeling a fruit
red swollen lip split eruption holiday
lights along the wall some trellis
than the copper pennies
Worried beaded sides of temples
thumb all thumb silhouettes

never left the city friend and more and
more so afraid that they are going to
usher us off for photographing this

Other times

Two dollar breakfast grand plastic pumpkins
a line up of every sobering moment
more and more so building up to that detail
sliding down this stainless steel bowl
between living and making a good show of it

all thumb silhouettes
two hundred to pay for
runny some egg of my
eye sliding around
Chano Gonzalez
Welcome in Dreaming

O God, another accidental crash
igniting passionate lust in me, that won't
do, not at all. I mutter a sorry and
skip away red-faced, cursing, and savouring
the exquisite touch of skin on skin.

You're supple as a garment of heavy water
lithe, slick naked muscle clutching a briefcase

some vague looks are only masking deviant thoughts
mirroring your intentions and how you care but
not for me, never me.

lost days when we cavorted raucously with them
putting on a show, spinning gracelessly, uttering sonnets
we sang songs for the lovers

we lived in a spectrum of a to z
lives madly skewed but so were we
reliving life like never.
behind that smile of white rocks is a secret
well if you'll let me lets knot ourselves together
we'll be balloons drifting in the air

if I didn't open my eyes to a cold ceiling
having faded away into dust
you would have taken me to somewhere only we know

hidden in the database of the past
Florentyna Leow