neil ayres

        Our anti-hero throws his comic book in the bin, as if to say: Now's the time for seriousness; now's the time to grow up.  And this isn't the Beano we're talking about, no, this is Alan Moore's Watchmen.  Do you like that, Alan Moore's Watchmen, as if the artist's a negligible part of the package?
        There's a wicker wastepaper bin: he feeds it wastepaper.

        Pamela is carefully painting in mint-green eucalyptus leaves through the guides of a stencil.  We can learn something about her from this; the reason stencils are so great is that they effectively remove the necessity for such exactitude; yet she remains mindful nevertheless.  'For an even coat,' she explains to her daughter, who is similarly following guidelines: belly on floor, crayon in hand.

*    *    *

        Bold.  Demanding of people's attention.
        Much like the mother herself: the daughter,
        the colours in the pad and on the wall.

        The colours are complementary.  Sure,
        to the girl's eye, but they missed the stencil's
        guidance, missed its moulding suggestion;
        missed that the most.

*    *    *

        My Shopping List
        Drawing board
        Apple Mac
        Suitable software
        Dynamics of human movement
        The dynamics of the human mind
        A few hundred X-Men comics
        Ample supply of pens
        Coffee (And lots of it!)
        Brown sugar
        Anti-perspirant deodorant
        An electric fan
        Writing pad
        Ream of cheap blank paper (maybe two if they're on offer)
        New specs
        A suitable associate with an artistic eye - not too critical, not too soft
        Cuddly toy for mascot

        Travelcard and/or bike
        Stereo (with decent radio reception)
        Lunch - daily
        Chewing gum
        Post-it notes
        Internet access (preferably broadband)
        Guide to script writing
        Music CDs (Instrumental)
        Alarm clock
        Wall clock
        Candles (for power cuts)
        Candles (for ambient evening light and pleasant aroma)

        Cleaning products:        1. Disinfectant spray
                                2. Toilet cleaner
                                3. Bathroom spray
                                4. Bleach
                                5. Sponge
                                6. Jay-cloths

        Emergency numbers for:        1. Plumber
                                2. Electrician

                                3. Solicitors
                                4. IT support
                                5. Landlord
                                6. Builder
                                7. Locksmith

        Calendar (Daily)
        Calendar (Wall planner)
        Emulsion - white
        Biological ladder
        Paint tray
        Woodstain for skirting

        Accounts with:                1. Water board
                                2. LEC
                                3. Gas board
                                4. Council

        Chair x3
        New locks
        Artist's materials
        Fresh flowers