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Icon - Dan Smith & Joshua Gage

the art of corruption - Peter Schwartz & Daniel Y Harris

The street light ghosts - Juliet Cook & David Foster

The subject of object - Spyros Heniadis
        & Rachel Kendall

Winter - Jónas Knútsson & Christian Tuempling

Exil n.2 (V.Hugo, Vergil, Jean, Paolo Conte)
        - Marie Rennard & Guido Monte

Shot in Cuba - Brian Collier & Richard Wink

Are women underrepresented in the small press
        - Charles P Ries & Ellaraine Lockie

symbology - Peter Schwartz and Carolyn Adams

A Hallucinogenic Fugue State - Joanne Cornelius,
        Dan Smith & J E Stanley

The Fallen Museum - Neddal Ayad and Nicole Votta

Crystalline Heights - Brandon Chan-Yung
        & Louise Norlie

Pale Spring - Jónas Knútsson & Christian Tuempling

Review of The Laura Poems by Juliet Cook
        - Rachel Kendall

Body Snatch - Jeff Crouch
Kingdoms - Christopher Woods

The Body  - words - Juliet Cook
        design - Rachel Kendall

Interview with Rachel Kendall, Claire Nixon,
        Gary Gray & Omma Velada - Alexander James

Conqueror - Jónas Knútsson & Christian Tuempling

The Music of Broken Wings - Christopher Woods
Fuss - Jeff Crouch

Landscape and Debris
        - Juliet X and Wallace Funeral

Divine Rights - Ellaraine Lockie
The Price of Exhuming the Dead - Patrick Carrington

Tis a thin tie that binds us
        - Seven Damiana & Tantra Bensko