Hallucinogenic Fugue State:
A Dissociative Concerto in Three Movements

Cold turkey.
Bitter tongue-tied twisted sister pills flushed,
the mirror's clouded reflection
explodes under your fists.
Glass shards to blind
deeper than Jocasta's jewels.
Identity denied
To a soundtrack
of volcanic hip hop dialogues
and re-mixed sacrificial carmalite songs
until state of mind borders,
finally broken,
birth a new world.

Desire survives untamed.
Flashback visions of past love
penetrate the psychogenic now,
possessed again
with a midnight Iroquois/French lover.
Lewd lascivious lust
followed by satiated lullabye luaus.

Wash no-longer visible blood
from obsessive-compulsive hands
and never ask why.
Your mind's I buried so deep within
that no one hears your screams,
not even you.

(first published in ArtCrimes)
by Joanne Cornelius, Dan Smith & J E Stanley