Shot in Cuba:
An Experiment in Obstruction

The authors decided to write one textual piece as a team and additional pieces individually to create a triptych of words and images. To make things a little more interesting they made a pact to abide by a set of obstacles that would impede/encourage their creativity:

1.        The title of the series will be "Shot in Cuba"
2.        Each poem cannot exceed 40 words
3.        The words "Ouija board" must appear in each text
4.        19 words and one phrase chosen at random from various sources MUST be used in each text; the words being:

anonymous, Berlin, corporation, crowing, curtain, demonstrate, execution, Friday, introduce, Lucy, oxen, parking, remain, Romeo, soiled, stepdaughter, three, traditional, won, and the phrase "agent of the Devil"

Here then is the outcome of that experiment...
Brian Collier &
Richard Wink