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the ninth
April 2006
In a Pie Pan - Jim Benz
Los Huesos - Charles P Ries

Eleusis - Dan Smith
Celebration of Life - Lisa Maria Ortez

On the Multitude of Distractions... - Dan McNeil

Untitled - Candice Rice
Your Flame is Lovely Tonight - J D Nelson

Cartesian Nightmare - Kyle E Ferguson

(Un)titled - John Brewer

Perfect Saint - Charles P Ries
Solemnity and the Serial Killer - Liam Davies
Stroking the Beards of Saints - David Thornbrugh

Tobin - Brent Powers

Vaudeville Contagion - Rich Murphy
tin eureka - Peter Schwartz

Annabel's Blues - Wayne H W Wolfson

Dance of the Gypsy - Garry Charles

Candles - Spyros Heniadis

An Interview with Juliet Cook by Rachel Kendall

Three poems - Juliet Cook
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Sea - Neddal Ayad
Repopulation - Patrick Barron

Homecoming - Candice Rice
Constantia Ruve - Jennifer Margaret-Chappee Gale

Witchcraft in the Harem - Aliya Whitely

Untitled 67 - Anne Sorrentino
Tesseract - J E Stanley

Baby Beat Generation... Reviewed by Charles P Ries

Death - Jim Benz
Frederico - Dan Smith

Duende - Peter Schwartz
Plaze de Toros - Charles P Ries

Love Box - Mark Howard Jones

the myth of satan (part II) - Peter Schwartz

The doctor, the Butcher, and the Innkeeper's Wife -
Neddal Ayad

American Atavism - Dan McNeil

Falling Down - Jim Benz
Priestess of Absence - Dan Smith
Dismal Percentage - E Mitchell Stone
Untitled - Neddal Ayad

The Peculiar Poetry Process of Peter Schwartz
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