IMPORTANT: Changes to Sein
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Sein to go to print

Sein und Werden is about change, the fluidity of ‘becoming’. I want this magazine, this little bloodied rag, to evolve, mutate perhaps, into something more. And so it shall. Spyros and I have been in discussion about getting Sein into print. Being a webzine is all very well but something tangible is better.

Starting with issue 9, Sein und Werden will be available as a print zine ASWELL AS on the internet. BUT the content will differ. In order to create the best of both worlds - availability, tangibility, low cost, the space for a larger content and longer stories, the option of colour or black and white artwork, I will ask that all submissions from now on state in the subject line whether it is for the print or the web issue. We are looking at keeping the cost down, so unlike last time's efforts through lulu, Sein will be printed as cheaply as possible, photocopied, folded, stapled, posted. Back to basics.

This is a trial run. An experiment. We may end up with a hybrid, a mutant, a monster... Let's hope so. Bring out the formaldehyde, let's get this freak show on the road.

I would love to hear any ideas, suggestions, comments on this. I want to provide the best I can for both readers and contributors so please don't hesitate to let me know how Sein can be improved. Send us an email at

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Purchasing details coming soon.

Also: please notice the changes to the archives, from where any page in any issue of Sein und Werden can now be accessed.

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