you have some hair
nail clippings
you must
for I am cursed
by absence and lack
your hair
the pearls of your nails
racking me down the days
on the altar of you
then drenched
I stumble
a shambling shadow
you rest
I hang bloodless
in the closet
an offering.
An ancient viscera priestess
Crooked as the seam
Leading down to patent leather hooves
Unraveling tomorrow
As a rope bell dangled in the breeze
Stopping for a moment
To test a crow's beak
The hardwood floor made music
Under the weight of her heels
And the door slammed shut
With only the wind to guide it.
pull yourself together, breathe

got twisted in a lung fit, coughing
spit up bone-songs, all stripped down
all feedback snarl and knuckle skin
choking on a dream nozzle shiver, spit-grin juice

grated, lesion-mated spastic anti-fortune juice
rasped a halo-skin against
a rusty sieve juice
knees, minor blood shot keys and snake-eyes

drumbeat fingers, amplified, bone-dead
slung a jaw
a crack-skull jaw, moon floor shake
under people's skin, dancing

shadow grit and ruin-eyes
blood soot
longing for a midnight blur, caustic
smelly liquor-rat brick alley-eyes

wore a grin, a weird stink-tooth craggy
crumble grin, wasted goat-word bleating shit-
stain grin, swilling gin
slurred a head-butt word, convulsive, swaggering

resinous word
and falling grin, yellow curdled hell
guffaw-scat grin, sticky brown cursing
flail juice as you stumble grin

falling on your ass-grin
sprawling on the broken bottle stickum tile
slop puddle tilt
shoe-slurp grin, breathe

pull yourself together
Neddal Ayad
Dismal Percentage :
E.Mitchell Stone
Priestess of Absence Dan Smith
Falling Down :
Jim Benz