The Clockhouse Players Present...
La Boutique des Diables : B Drew Collier
And For My Next Trick : Allen Ashley
The Extras : Ellmore Snoody
White Box : Suzanne Grazyna
Cadaver Exquisito - La Flamenca : Scherezade Siobhan
La Enferma : Sean Gill & Rachel Klein
Afterlife : Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
The edition : Mark Young
Medical students' tribute to a cadaver donor : Esther Greenleaf Murer
The Rebirth of Saint Gaga : Rachel Kendall
Puppet : Harold Heath
The Political Showman - at home!
Containment Breach : Juliet Cook & Robert Cole
Albert$ Plaza : Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch
The Chain in the Theatre of Pain : Russ Bickerstaff

Hell in a Handbasket : B Drew Collier
Puppet : Nelly Sanchez
Antonin Artaud and The Theatre of Cruelty : Rachel Kendall
Don Casmurro - Chapter 9/The Opera : Machado de Assis
From the Gender and Tenure Project : Mark Young
A line from Sigismund Feyerabendt : Mark Young
Teddy Holes : Juliet Cook & Joseph Goosey
$tudy Models : Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch
Jack and Henry - a Shakespearean chimera : Rachel Rodman
The Performance : Alexander Frey Smith
Art-aud-ily : Alessandra Bava
Mo(u)urning Becomes Electra : Alessandra Bava
Interview with Karen Preston
Tussles in the Grease on the Train Car Floors : j/j hastain
Put on the Mask : Mark Howard Jones

The Cast