A line from Sigismund Feyerabendt

The settlement has disappeared,
has abandoned the name of
earth in fire. One small rusting
garden tractor. The children.

There were colors everywhere.
Out of fuel from about three
months ago. Chinese staff at an
Xbox 360 plant threaten to commit

mass suicide if their wage demands
are not met.
The confiscation of
money & passports. A ritualized
rehearsal for death. A character

Joseph Conrad might have dreamt up.
Finding a cart to get our luggage out
was an adventure. Solar Temple
Suicides make such imposing music.
From the Gender & Tenure Project

As mentioned in a
satirical aside in Love's
Labour's Lost
, it is im-
portant to review not
only empirical findings

but also any posited &
posted theories. Thus
we find that Theatrum
Diabolorum, the only
truly global provider

of thermal processing
services, has a patent
pending to utilize the
unchaste squabblings
of incubi & succubi in

order to set up a kind
of dissonance to help
stop untapped energy
deposits leaching from
the ground, & thereby

limit the amount of heat
loss. Join Facebook to
connect with them &
other similar providers
you may wish to know.