Cadaver Exquisito : La Flamenca

burgundy as the baile bursts in brimstone
her arms cusp the meters of bayonne
this cante this maud meteor
a zodiac molten at each myrrh of lore
as a bait, a fusillae of asterisms
a tinderbox stirred at her tail bone

her hair : vermicelli veins coiled navy
a silence stillborn in the tomb of a baby
amarte, auspices of medusa volar & vulgar
ríos y rayo, conchas y caracoles, latin in this
libre is a hermit's skull softened by sulfur

what is a mouth's waxen strophe in marble's salt?
singing saetas, these soliloquies signed in golden malt
    she drums as darkness,
    she lilts as light,
    she storms as sound
manzanilla underfoot el loco toro's hunting ground
dusk sweetened to salamanca's meat of mango
she hitchiked a saffron pulse from bolero,
she smoked smuggled cigars with fandango

when your past is a blind falcon before the bullring
if black is the memory of birth then do we blaspheme
with open eyes the beginning of touch in everything
my heart beats in a body too far away from me
a single lotus heroine sailing
the sapphire of a nettled sea

the dancer is a theater of shadows
the dance is a sonnet of arrows
she is saudade, statue and scripture
the dance is how a night lengthens
its sinew even as a morning narrows

we are lost to the dance.
we have danced to lose
what is sacred,
what is secret
the goddess with her opal
winged votive willed in wine
her garnet irises
her crescent spine

her feet author their saga
palmas to palmas
the room riven to a roar
dulce muerte,
dulce amor

White Box

Blood curtains, velvety, draping down in a heavy flood
Pool of light, blinding, glares upon the spreading puddle
The Black Box etiolates

Fetal curl in the center, mortal coil, pure as curdled milk
Red drops, sprinkling, spots the bleached space
Light rain turns to tantrum

Blood floor, velvety, a spirit gum pile carpet
Eyes shine bright, sclera the only white left on the body
Walking and blocking the sanguinary stage

The Black Box etiolates
Fetal curl countered left, mortal coil, coated in red
Pool of light, glaring, spotlights a blinding white room