Auto de Fe - Cecelia Chapman and Jeff Crouch
Painting of an Auto de Fe in the Gallery of a Soft Museum - Gary Budgen
Batgirl & The Inquisitors - James Bradley
Fire in the Hole - Martin Heavisides
The Phylonauts - Rachel Rodman
Les Deux Magots - Phil Wood
I am Symbolic - A J Huffman
Lost Autumn - B Drew Collier
A Murderous Life - Vincent Wells
The Company Men - Jason E Rolfe
Paula Sees the Execution-New Year's Eve - Lynn Hoffman
The Kherem - W C Bamberger
Wendee - Uzodinma Okehi
Sleep - David R Cravens
The Brain - Omar ZahZah
Auto da Fe - Aryan Kaganof
Jerry's New Pool (some notes) - Patrick Cosgrove
Faithful Acrostics - Clockhouse London Writers
Psychic Surgery - j/j hastain
You Will Miss Me When I Burn - Tom Leins
A Lullabye for the Devil - Alexis Child
Hush - Lyndsay Wheble
Erotomania - Yvette Sohl and Rob Plath
Cogitations on Self - Robert M Detman
geographics: Evora - Mark Young
Das Unwesentliche Mann - James G Piatt
Cut the Cord! - Quentin Savage
Capon - j/j hastain
Witch Hammer - Alexis Child
Transfiguration - James Bradley
The Truth about the Bees - Nick Jackson
How the Religion Starts - Ken Poyner
Stars Leaping - Bruce McRae
The Pheonix - Jacob Budenz

The Accused

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Saint Dominic presiding over an Auto de Fe
Pedro Berruguete