Pheromones are devotees of plethora; they change us from within us when we alert ourselves by way of things outside of us.

When the Romans invented the capon (by surgical removal of the testes or by estrogen implants) chemical changes in the bird caused what was once a gristly, gamey meat to be more tender and juicy. Did they feel that they had no choice but to find a way to change the meat when the Lex Faunia of 162 BC put a ban on the fattening of hens (in order to conserve grain)? Were they tempted and unapologetic doulas of the sensuous? They knew what they wanted to feel when they were pursuing nutrients, so they found ways to make that happen: by snip snip or by additive activations.

Monks were thought to have a particular weakness for capons. See the monk with its head and legs shaved bare, the fat capon connected to a rope which is tied around the monk's waist. Can you smell the musks mixing as the capon brushes and bumps against the insides of the monk's bare legs? As it flops and swings there, is the capon a heaping secret? A replacement of the shrunken sex that the monk has denounced? The monk is undergoing the same process as the capon: body changes, access to unforeseen richness. The capon is swinging between the monk's legs like a tempting-distraction: a fairy tale genital. Who is leading who (the monk or the capon)? Does one lead at one point in the gait and another lead at another?

The monk is not wearing undergarments. Imagine this monk with its vow of chastity, seeing so intimately the qualities of living a life with no sex drive and the effects of that on the body of the capon (the form on which the monk engorges). As the monk proceeds down the path, the capon drips partially encrusted blood and fat out of its folds. These drips are leaky shadows between the legs of the traveling monk, who is lugging so many unexpressed aspects of self along the long trek.

When the monk finally arrives, the suppleness of each thigh is noted. The monk is pronouncing each time it announces, sucks the bones of another body part clean. You must eat the big meat. Though it seems that the capon is the limpness here, the monk's allowance of this arousal hints that the monk is in fact the one bent over, folded into a dependent asana. The monk is gaining psychic erectness as they join. Having finally come to the place, in which one lets, to join with the meat of oneself, is the reason the monk must travel so far.