I am Symbolic - A J Huffman
cannibalism, ceremonial worship, a tool
used to reinforce fairth. I am devout
follower, lining up to take sacrament.
I am mouth, eager to devour
the wafter-thin representation of holy
skin. I am desert expanse of tongue,
desperate to lap the crimson water
christened divine. Blood of our
salvation. Blood is our
salvation. Still, I am consumed with need
to confess. I am
an unacknowledged sin.
While sharing        another pot of tea,
their conversation soon            meanders
beyond              the pastry savouries,
and    Nausea        Sartre        mescaline.

They stare towards a nothingness.

Epiphanies        all flutter      past,
a breeze of        moths      and butterflies.
I leave the      posh p
âtisseries -
solitude has made        my coffee cold.
Les Deux Magots - Phil Wood