Earth Sculpts a Womb

The woman who waits to hear the words I love you,
places her own I love you's, thousands of them,
in a jar she keeps hidden in the back of the pantry
with the label Pears still bright as the day she purchased
the sliced bartletts packed in water.

The day she walked on water, she did not mean to.
It was just that her mind was on her sister's cell phone declaration:
expecting triplets.  And she totally missed the fact
that she was not on land for a short time and failed to sink
as any proper laws of physics abiding person would do.

She exhibited an exuberant fury one day over the loss
of her personal space, once the three iPhone, YouTube clips
of her buoyant stroll appeared and went internationally viral
with several million blog entries arguing the possibility
of some non-hollywood Chauncey Gardner accomplishment.

The kind of thrill she hoped for from a man
paralleled swimming through an olympic sized pool filled
with raspberry jelly, while some nostalgia quartet played
all of the Beatles' number one hit songs
translated into latin and performed as gregorian chants.

One moonless night, just to prove to herself it could be done,
she swam through the landscape - west of the city
across the mesa where all those murdered women were buried -
utilizing both the Australian crawl and the breast stroke
and, somehow, she got pregnant.
K P Gurney
What Remains by Sherry Musick