Andrew Abbott is currently living at his Uncle's house in Oakland California because he isnt selling enough paintings to support himself.  He hopes to go to graduate school next year in Nova Scotia if he gets in.  He can be contacted at

Dozens of Fleur Bradley's stories have appeared online and in print, in places like The Thrilling Detective, Shred of Evidence, and Mysterical-E. She also writes novel-length YA Thrillers; find out more about Fleur at

B Drew Collier pilfers bits of light and dark from forgotten drawers and covets the noises that words make in your head.

Tray Drumhann's goal is to create something that resembles the very essence of our ever changing world. He feels that to force creativity is to go against its basic nature and to constrain it is harmful to our individuality. Therefore creativity must be allowed to flow dreamlike expressing the tangible and intangible simultaneously.

Irene Frenkel resides in the Philadelphia area and works in oil and pencil. She received her MA in Arts from the Moscow Institute of Graphic Arts. She has participated in group and juried shows and she also has exhibited in a number of solo shows. She received a grant from a Ministry of Culture of Schleswig-Goldstein Land and a Fellowship of a Jewish Museum in Rendsburg (Germany) for her outstanding work. Her works have also appeared in journals and magazines, such as Sein und Werden, Golden Visions, and many others. Besides they are included in anthologies, books and poetry collections, most recent, Snail (a collection of V. Ulea's short stories.

Kenneth P. Gurney lives in Albuquerque, NM, USA.  His work appears mostly on the web as he spends SASE and reading fee dollars on flowers for his lover.  To learn more about Kenneth, visit

Martin Heavisides has published his first novel, Undermind at Crossing Chaos Press, a full-length play, a study of the English playwright Peter Barnes and a very rude essay on ideas about God in Linnet's Wings; a poem in Cella's Round Trip; a poem cycle in FRiGG; a flash piece and a cartoon in Mad Hatter's Review; a flash in Gambara, to name only a few. He expects to be featured in an animated film soon impropria persona. Rumours of a yellow teddy bear as muse are rigorously denied.

Sherry Musick joined the circus not long ago and did such a poor job as Clara Bell the Clown that she was shipped off to the nunnery to pray for our sins and create art in her cell. Sister Clara Bell's artwork can be viewed at:  where she does just that-----waits for god.

June Nandy's previous or forthcoming publishing credits include Taj Mahal Review (twice), Kota Press, Sein Und Werden (twice), Up The Staircase (Twice), The Malaysian Poetic Chronicles, Gloom Cupboard, Poetry Super Highway, Clockwise Cat ( twice), Heavy Bear, Decanto, Femina, Frontier. A Book of poetry titled, 'Earth's Tilted Spine: June Nandy' has been published by, Allahbad.

Louise Norlie's publications have appeared in Gloom Cupboard, decomP, otoliths and elsewhere. Her writing will also be included in the Quantum Genre on the Planet of the Arts anthology from Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink.  Meanwhile, she has been putting in her time in a bureaucratic cubicle where she shuffles papers and pushes buttons deep within the belly of a large building.  Visit her at

David Winfield Norman plans to study art history at either the University of Iceland or Glasgow after working this year of hard labor with thanks to his major student lenders.  He won a prize for short fiction in a UW-Whitewater contest, is an intern for an art gallery and enjoys blueberries.

Julie Ann Shapiro is a freelance writer, a prolific short story author with more than seventy stories published and author of the novel, Jen-Zen and the One Shoe Diaries  ( Visit the publications page for a complete list of publishing credits.

Thane Thompson writes poetry and short fiction.  He used to think he wanted to be a novelist, but deep down his fingers always knew better.  His work has appeared in more than a dozen different venues, including The Drabblecast, Flash Me Magazine, Illumen, Flashquake and The Silver Blade, and is forthcoming in Ruthless Peoples Magazine and the Houston Literary Review.  Overall, his fingers are happier for it.

V. Ulea (Vera Zubarev) is a bilingual writer, a scholar, and a film director. She has published books of poetry, prose, and literary criticism by Greenwood Press, Southern Illinois University Press, Livingston Press, Pano Verlog, and many others. More about her and her works can be found at

Marc Vincenz was born in Hong Kong, but has lived in England, the US, Spain, Switzerland, and worked for ten years in Shanghai. Currently based out of Iceland, he writes a bi-weekly column on the paranormal for the Reykjavik Grapevine, Iceland's only English-language newspaper, and is a regular contributor to Open Letters Monthly and Australia's Trespass Magazine.

Joshua Walker is a Dublin-based writer currently finishing up a PhD on 19th-century Russian Literature.  Check out more of his work at

Joseph Zozaya, who was recently dead, only within a short time recovered from that impervious malady and is now again sitting up in bed and staring into the city from his broken window.  He currently lives in a one room shack under a bridge in Vienna, surrounded by the dust which falls from the nearby factory in the distance.