Bauhaus Blubber
Thane Thompson
The potential likelihood of seeing
blubber fucking on grainy 8mm is
directly proportional to the amount of gas i
n Nanook's tank.  You never know.  Mickey and D
onald could want a back-hand reach-around
in the parking lot of the Sundance
Party as they spend the weekends
slumming with Shamu.  I smell a
rat rather than a mouse, but I gue
ss that's par for the mortuary.  Let's face it,
since the libbers got to Minnie, and then Minnie go
t to Daisy (if you know what I mean) I hav
en't given a flying rat's ass fuck, l
et alone gotten one.  Whattaya me
an, "Fuck a duck?" Can't you see
that I've been trying! I have no id
ea where you're going.  The intellectual cap
acity of this dung pile has been dropping ever since
your client junked up on piles of hedgefund
s he selected for their similarity to
Chris Chubbuck's performance ar
t.  Of course, we heard the Eskim
o just got the job because he cut h
is teeth for three full years as a walrus fluff
er.  But then, Rock Hudson waasn't available to pla
y the part, having shuffled off his mortal co
il in a private show resembling C
hubbuck's in a manner far too sim
ilar for comfort or demeanor, let a
lone a decent sense of perspicuity.