Deadline for submissions 20th May 2007
next issue
summer 2007
vol.2 no.1
For the next issue, we want your dirty secrets, your stained underthings, your shed skin and what lurks beneath. We want what might make others squeamish.

The theme is REJECTAMENTA, which may lead you to think about those art pieces you've secreted away because they were just too embarrassing-or maybe too dangerous-or maybe too volatile for public consumption. 

What about that peculiar material that has been rejected repeatedly? 

What about that strange experimental poem specimen that just can't be pinned down to the dissecting tray?

What about those taboo journal entries, bizarre stories, uncategorizable visual that had to be purged and now needs a home?

The REJECTAMENTA issue just might be that oozing museum of creepy debris in which your mutations, your ephemera, your misfit secretions belong.

So dredge the reeking innards from your mysterious curio compartments, trawl the murky swamp of your brain, pick your locks, scrape your tongue, clean beneath your sharpest fingernails, and choose a glass jar to aim your sweet spit into.

(blurb written by Juliet Cook)