'Artifice' has ridden in on the devil's back to the poetic chimes of
insanity, beatitude and brutality within these pages. It has become
the thing of gruesome fable, the mother of both divine and electronic
creation, the liar, the cheat, the hypnotist and the puppet master.
And, of course, the writer, the artist, the poem itself… If it is
honesty you seek, walk away now. But if you crave the depths of
deception, mutilation and depravation, please, step this way...

Changes to this issue - Because of the problems with software and having to re-do the whole thing (grrrrrr) I have kept it pretty simple. Individual bios are now in with the artist's work. If there is no bio on that page, click on the name (in red) and it will take you to another piece of that contributor's work and their bio. All bios for the print issue are now online, in order to squeeze in more content.

Please note the submission deadline for the next issue (which starts off vol 2 of Sein und Werden) is
20th MAY. That is to say, it
has been brought forward by ONE MONTH, as a one-off, to realign with the stars, or something.

And don't forget to check out the print issue of Sein und Werden, which features some fantastic fiction and artwork by John Brewer, Paul Kavanagh, Brendan Mulvey, Mark Jones and more, including the final part of Keeping Angels by Cameron Pierce.

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